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7 something miles before I got a wife phone call to come home.  I will say I am glad I got the call as I was struggling trying to keep a 7:30 pace for the final miles.

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I ran in a local 5K today. I finished in about 25 minutes, which is quite good for me. I probably could have done a little better, but the race was on a loop we ran four times, and after the first loop I had to contend with groups of walkers as I lapped them.

Anyway: it was a good morning. smile.gif
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1870 m in 08:13 today.
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5.8 miles after a ton of yard work.  Also the 70* temps are starting to make running fast, tough.

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18 miles of single track w 3k elevation change. Crazy weather. Snow Wednesday and 75 today.
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This thread is inspiring me to get back on my grind like Tony Hawk. Keep up the good work everyone icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif.
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50 miles with 9200' of climbing during the Leona Divide 50/50 yesterday. Finished in 11:16 and change for a new PR. I had a shot at sub 11 with about 6 miles to go but the heat and some achilles troubles got the better of me and hobbled it in. Good day overall and happy with my finish.
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10.2 miles today.  The heat is killing me and 25oz of water didn't seem like enough.

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8.5 miles of single track today.
Nice work blah w the 50. Good finish and race. Tough run.
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5.5 at my marathon PR pace (8:34/mile). I was a bit inspired seeing some of my friends' pics from Boston and watching the race on TV this morning...
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Don't really post here much anymore. Here are my number for the past 19 days


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4.6 this morning. Also walked my kids to school (about a mile) and then walked another 2.25 with colleagues at lunch.
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5.8 miles
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6.25 miles this evening, including my second track workout of the season with the tri club. It still feels weird running 400s at a 6:30-7:00/mile pace and being in the slow group! That's Boulder for ya!

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5.8 miles last night.

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