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50 miles and ~ 10k gain on Saturday during the Old Goat's 50M: 




This race got the best of me last year but I managed to get her done this time around. That last 20 miles is absolutely sadistic (climbs that look tiny on the course profile are absolutely massive when you have 40 miles on your legs). I still have core issues but have noticed significant improvement over past races.


Next Up: Leona Divide 50M in 3 weeks :)

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4 miles after dropping my car off for service.
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6.3 miles this morning in Golden Gate Park. It's a lot harder when the route isn't flat...
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After a whole winter of walking and running in the snow, running in rain feels like a novel pleasure. Five miles with three in a steady light rain!

Average pace was 8:52, fastest mile at 7:55.
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Recovery week.
4.4 miles.
Nice work Blah. Tough run. Recover quick.
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7 miles last night.

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5.6 miles
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Same 7 mile route as Tuesday but it was rainy and my watch ended up with 7.2 miles.

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9.1 miles w hill repeats
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6.5 hilly trail miles with friends in my old stomping grounds (Rancho San Antonio in Cupertino, CA).
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Much needed rest day after yesterday's "accidental" 14.5 miler (got a little lost exploring some unfamiliar trails)
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Did the usual 1870 m in 08:07 yesterday. Damn good time considering I didn't run that track for half a month. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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10.3 miles.

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1870 m in 08:18. Slower than yesterday and I felt a loss of what little muscle I have.
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9.1 miles
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