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3 miles last night then 5.6 miles this morning.  Last night I was in a rut from something at work and those 3 little miles made all the difference.  

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Ran a couple of kms in my shitty 12 € shoes. Not a bad feeling to know that winter is finally over.
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5.5 miles this evening. Feeling a bit off from the cold I'm just getting over, but still managed an easy pace run.
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8.4 miles w intervals.
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6.6 yesterday at lunch. I haven't run that far or for that long since September. Pleasantly surprised by the pace. Really tired today, though.
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4.8 mile recovery run.
Got the UD Jurek III vest today. Feels realy comfortable. Trying it out this weekend.
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8.2 miles yesterday.  New Brooks Ghost 8 arrive Monday though in a boring gray/green color combination.  No wonder they were the cheapest...

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3 just now.
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7.1 miles
JBar- are the Ghosts heavy?
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Originally Posted by wingin' it View Post

7.1 miles
JBar- are the Ghosts heavy?

The Brooks website says 10.3oz so not light compared to other shoes available.  I personally don't have an issue with the weight and run better in the more traditional type running shoe with a little more cushion.  These are also rated at a 12mm drop but I don't know if that has affected me at all coming from an 8mm.  Overall I really like these shoes and have been able to run 500 healthy miles in pair one through the first 3 months of this year.  


Last night I got in 4.7 miles with my trail group.  Found out the park is blocking off most of the 12+ miles of paved roads from cars which will make it a lot safer for all who cycle and run on the paved sections.  

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Big training run today. Ran on a rail trail. 26.2 miles in 3:56.

Tried the UD SJ III vest today. Great vest and nice fit. Had a 2L bladder in back pouch and food in front.
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Friday - 9.8 miles, yesterday - 5.6 miles, today is TBD.  I would like to get in 12.1 for a 50 mile week but my motivation is not there.

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3.4 mile recovery run today.
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Well I got in 8 miles.  I was really hungry mid-run and decided to B-line home.

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