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5 miles.
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First time running this year. +2.6 miles

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8.2 miles last night.  Seems the next week will be a lot of rainy runs.  At least spring is here!

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Few that I know of / have heard about (I'm not a marathoner so take this all with a grain of salt):


Light at the End of the Tunnel in Washington in June. On smooth gravel road instead of asphalt/concrete but told it is still a very fast course.


Rockies in Denver in July. Starts at 10k finishes at 5k. Steady downhill the entire way. My old boss used this race as a BQ some time ago even though he never raced at elevation.


Edmonton Marathon in August. I've heard great things about this race and it's in Canada... so that probably counts for something. 


There is one near Chicago in early September that is supposedly a really big/important BQ event but I cant think of the name of it and my Google fu is failing me this morning.



Thanks for the ideas... I've signed up for the Revel Rockies Marathon. I suppose I'd better get lots of downhill incorporated into my training now!

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6.5 miles this morning outside. I've been slacking this winter and it showed in my pace today. I haven't totally let myself go though as I've been working out harder in the gym this winter than in recent years, but that's just made me add on a bit more weight and caused my muscles to tighten up some. When I have run outside, it's been shorter distances than I'd like. I want to work my way back up to the 40-50 mile a week range.

Thankfully, it looks like winter is starting to come to an end here. I don't see a single day in the long term forecast with temps below freezing. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Played hookie from work and ran 22 miserable miserable miles in 80+ degree temps. Bonked really hard around mile 16 or 17 and took a few miles to get things sorted (and even then I had a hard time running more than a few minutes at a time). Fortunately the last 3 miles were mostly downhill and there was a Guinness waiting for me at the end.


Trying not to beat myself up too bad but its hard to not let a bad run get in your head.

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5.5 miles after dark this evening. Good times!
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6.8 miles with hill interval speed work
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10 miles on wet roads.  My Brooks Ghost have never been great wet weather shoes as I slip a little on my driveway.

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4.2 miles just now. Featuring nearly knocked me over winds and driving rain. I had a blast!
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The usual 1870 m yesterday and again today.
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7 miles today.

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17.1 miles
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5.2 mile easy recovery run today.
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