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Around 8.5 miles on single track. Snow was packing and every step was sinking in about 4-8 inches. Step, sink, push, slip, go. Tough slow run.
Good luck JB.
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17 miles with 3.7k elevation to wrap up a 54 mile week. Been feeling pretty good with my training lately (minus the ongoing hip issues).
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Well my half marathon went well.  Finished in 1:37-ish.  The guy out front for the whole race was doing the marathon distance and I am pretty sure beat all the 10K and half marathon runners.  I think he was sponsored by Newton and don't know how he ended up in our little race.


EDIT: Only 900ft in gain for the race and most of it running other than a 250ft hill.  Seemed like a lot more but when you are going at a 7:30/mi pace it makes for a lot more effort.

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4 miles. Ran a snowshoe trail race almost all single track. Great race and I ran very well. 83 entered, 7th OA, 1st AG 50-59. Weather was awesome. 35 degrees. Last year it was negative 3.
Back to superior 50k training this week.
Nice workout Blah.
Good race JB.
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7.3 miles
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5.8 miles last night on a new route around the neighborhood.

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4 miles on the treadmill this morning.
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8 miles last night. Almost called it quits after the first mile but promised myself chalupas if I did at least 6.

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6.2 miles
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3 this afternoon. Got dropped by my colleagues around 1.25, but I ran my fastest mile in a long time trying to catch up to them. Gave up chasing at 2.
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1.7 miles as I rest my legs on a down week.  I was 12th out of 143 for my race on Saturday as some guys ran 1:15s that I never saw on the trail.

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5.9 miles.
Great race JB
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8.1 miles last night.  Could have run longer but saving some for a weekend 20 miler I have planned.

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