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4 mi this morning
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

4 mi this morning


Same here.

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8.2 miles Monday
7.2 miles today
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9.3 miles last night.

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4.25 yesterday. Ran with a crew from the office, expecting to go out for 3ish. I was pleasantly surprised to find my legs relatively fresh given that I haven't run on consecutive days in probably six months or more. The last mile and change was rather faster after I got a meeting reminder and realized I had only 15 minutes to be back at my desk. Fortunately it was a teleconference...
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6 miles
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7.6 miles of trails yesterday.  

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1870 m in 08:13. Didn't feel very good, the time is good though.
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14.9 miles.
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1870 m yesterday in 08:22. Felt much faster. Hm.
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12.6 miles on the hills around the park

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5.8 miles.
Congrats to Olympic reps. Gutsy finish from Flanigan.
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Dudes doin' like half marathons weekly around here! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

I don't really go for distance, but my form and speed have been very consistent over 3-4 miles. To the point I can maintain very consistent breathing and gradually get faster the whole way through the route and I'm hauling ass the last half mile. Just absolutely beautiful weather in LA today as well.
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3.5 miles on the treadmill last night.  Race this coming weekend but taper will only be Fri/Sat.

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3 miles today around noon. 70º in the middle of February! Warmer than I like, but my pace was what passes for good for me these days.
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