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How many miles did you run today? - Page 802

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7.2 miles
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6.6 miles last night

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The usual 1870 m in 08:22. Felt fast but wasn't in the end. shog[1].gif
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5.1 miles.

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10 miles @ 6:55/mi.  It was painful.

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4.6 miles.
1.5 mile warm up and 5k snowshoe race
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3 around noon today. The weather here in SF was gorgeous. I love this town.
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36 miles with 8600 feet of elevation yesterday at the Sean O'Brian 50/50/100 . Felt great the entire race and managed to make the (very aggressive) 36 mile cutoff but due to some miscommunication, a number of us got swept (we were told that the next cutoff was in 45 minutes and over 7 miles away so we all called it... discovered that this cutoff was only for 100k runner who started an hour earlier).


Very disappointing DNF but that's just how it goes sometimes. In retrospect, I should have kept going until the sweeper pulled me but I wasn't in the best position to be doing any decision making and this wasnt a scenario I had thought about before hand (cutoffs have never been an issue).


On the bright side, nutrition and hydration were spot on and I was still moving at a pretty good clip right up until the sweep. I think my biggest weaknesses now are steep grinding climbs (dont train on these enough, most of my training hills are extremely runnable) and core strength (my abs were hating on me pretty fierce at around the 30 mile mark).


Rather than cry about the mistakes or DNF, I've decided I just need to train harder so I don't have to worry about these cutoffs next year :).


Also, I got to experience Timothy Olson blasting past me on way to winning the 50k (he started an hour later and caught me around mile 10). It's amazing how large the talent gap is between elite athletes (of any sport) and the rest of us.

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7 miles on the trails today.  Flat landing around the neighborhood has not prepared me for this hills so they were tough.  I am going to add more trails in but I try to stay off them when they are wet just to respect them and not turn them into a mud pit.


Good work @blahspam !

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5.6 snowy trail miles.
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13 miles

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1.6 miles.  My Garmin 305's battery doesn't last an hour anymore so I am now tracking distance using Strava on my phone.  I may end up with a Garmin 310xt as they are like $134 on Amazon these days.  I like having 4 views: total time, avg pace, current pace, total miles.  

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@blahspam That's too bad, man. I like the positive attitude though!

^ I like my Suunto. Looks more like an actual watch, than a small computer strapped to my wrist.

4.2mi yesterday and 5mi today. Just getting back into it after coupla' weeks off from Carlsbad Marathon. Eyeballing the next one...
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5.1 miles this morning.  Roads were a little icy which makes the legs work a little harder.

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4 mi this morning
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