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4.2 with my daughter, then 5x .06 mile sprints up a 30% grade after 90 minutes in the gym...i'm freakin' exhausted.
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4.75 here... pretty relaxing
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3 mile warmup at 8:51/mi. then Conquer the Bridge which was a 5 mile run over the St Vincent Thomas Bridge at 43:34 (8:45/mi).

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4.2 with the kid this morning, 5.75 later in the afternoon at around 7 min miles
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4.6 at about 34 minutes. A little slow but in recovery mode right now from a sore heel.
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13.1 miles in 1:43. Just one more long run of ~ 20 miles before I start tapering for my marathon in October.
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Today: 4 miles in 33-ish. had to cut it short, nature was calling rather insistently.
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Sunday I went on my long run. Started off slow and was feeling kinda stiff. Planned to run 3, walk 1, and run 4, but I ended up running the whole 8 miles in 1:15:32.
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Intervals after work, 15 minutes/3KM warm up, 6 * 70 seconds uphill with 2:30 jog recovery, then 15 minutes/3KM warm down, circa 45 minutes/9KM in total
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6.7 miles - was running late so I started quicker than usual. Suffered a bit here and there but wrapped it up in 51 minutes and change. ETA: 51:38
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4.2 with the kid again today
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i try to do at least 5kms, every other day.
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4.8 miles
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3.5 at about 8.5/mi. used the VFFs this time in a pretty heavy rain at just after 5AM, so i was running through the woods in the dark. was able to make my way safely with a combination of light colored sand on the trail, good memory from frequent runs, and light pollution from the city center
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