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How many miles did you run today? - Page 799

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Here's a video from a couple of weeks ago BTW.
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13.1 miles.
Negative 13 wind chill so went treadmill and TiVo.
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Carlsbad Marathon. 3:50 on the dot. Had terrible cramp issues last few miles, so was pretty happy with overall time, as I was forced to walk on and off.
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5.4 miles
Congrats coco on the marathon.
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5.1 miles this morning in 12* temps.  Depending on wind, I think I could go down to single digits no problem without feeling constricted in what I am wearing.

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3 miles this morning
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8 trail miles for lunch.

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Most of my runs lately have been walk/running with the dog. This evening, I got out for 4.5 miles on my own at an 8:36 pace. Beautiful weather, with temps in the upper 30s.

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If the title of this thread was "How Many Miles Did You Limp Today?" I might be able to contribute something. Sore as all hell...
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6.2 miles
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1.7 miles yesterday in 12* weather.  

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6.5 miles tonight

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3.4 mile elevation run. Alternate between 20 and 5 degree incline.
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5.8 miles. Got a lottery pick to run the Superior 50k in May.
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