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4.5 miles tonight with the group.  A lot of fun chasing a guy running off the front in the dark.

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6 miles
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6mi @ 7:50/mi
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A big, fat 2 miles! First run since getting injured October, effectively starting over again. But any run is better than no run, right?
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Yes. Yes, it is. Good luck with your recovery.
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11.2 miles
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4.1 miles on snow-covered trails with my wife. We're trying out a new type of interval training... I'm calling it doglek training. It works like fartleks, but you let your dog determine the intensity and duration of the efforts. So yeah, the pace was slow, but this was our first time running a decent distance with the puppy!

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1870 again yesterday, time 08:34 due to everything being pretty wet and slippery.
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5 miles both yesterday and Friday.  Was thinking longer today but I am still putting down a base fitness level so I may just keep with 5-7 and call it a day.  Plus it dropped 20*F from yesterday.

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The usual 1870 m, time 08:22. Track is still partially wet and I don't think it's gonna dry next week.
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7.75 miles today after 2 hours in the climbing gym.

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5.2 miles
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10 miles on the street.
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4.5 miles yesterday in the snow. It wasn't snowing hard but it was blowing around a lot and really stinging my eyes. I wanted to get in at least a couple more miles but the pain was unbearable. I need to find where I left the clear lenses for my sunglasses.
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7 miles. First run of 2016. Struggling with a nagging hip injury that may require a doctor visit (doesn't feel terribly serious... just annoying)

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