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5.5 miles on the first, 4.5 miles yesterday, and possibly some more miles this afternoon after I finish painting the nursery.

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So, 2015 was a terrible running year for me. Various injuries just kept me off the road and killed my motivation to get started again. Only 332 miles, compared to 1000 the year before. Must do better this year.
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5.1mi at 7:50/mi yesterday. Been in an old-man-every-other-day run mode, with 2days off after long ones. Missing about half my desired mileage, but keeping injury bug at bay for now...
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Went running in the snow also but it was pretty dark already and I left the headlamp at home thinking it would be bright enough so I ran slower in the twilight. I think it's good to practise running on snow and ice though.
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7.1 miles. Same trail again.
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4.5 trail miles today.  I have felt great running since the new shoe purchase.

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This morning marked the final race in the TRI-2B-TUFF CHALLENGE which included running 3 HALF MARATHONS IN 3 MONTHS. I managed to make a personal best even with the rainy weather with a time of 1:32:08. Which was a huge upgrade from my last time of 1:34:57 and a time of 1:38:05 before that.

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I got in like 1.3 miles yesterday.  I decided to try and do the mile a day challenge though I just read this morning Mark Zuckerberg is doing the same thing.  With a baby due in April, I am trying to figure out a couple of races this year that aren't super long and take dedicated training but will be fun.  Tennessee has some 25K races which seem to be the sweet spot.  

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6.7 miles
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4 miles
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3 miles yesterday with a new running club, super dumb idea to run right after a 1/2 incase anyone was wondering but it did help with the soreness

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4.5 miles last night on the dark trails with a headlamp.  

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Haven't ran in four days but I WILL BE BACK. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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6.6 miles last night and headed out to the trails with my running group tonight.  Should be another 4.5 miles in the books.

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None today, but managed to get in 2 yesterday.

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