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13.1 at the Xterra 21km Trail World Championshiops in Oahu. Good times! The first 10 took 1:55, the last 3.1 (downhill!!) took 53 minutes!

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6.4 miles today
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Nice Fueco! Look for Maui Brew Co collab beers while there. Their IPA is fairly meh FYI. Blonde and coconut porter are quite good.

3mi soft-sand trudge for me today.
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5.5 miles today
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Just came back, time 08:13. The usual 1870 m. The air is really cold where I live now. Anybody else running in the dark BTW?
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Cruise 8.1mi at 8:50/mi
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08:11, went out to run because the internet was so boring today.
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6.2 miles today
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Still taking some time off from running.  I have been on the elliptical and have been adding some rowing at the gym.  My feet still hurt a little but the lacrosse ball has helped.  I will probably continue this until I can get to the running store I love near my parents which will be Christmas time.  Running stores in TN want you to fit their very narrow selection of shoes with small drops.  I may end up switching back to Nike Pegasus as they were fine, just heavy when I had them last.

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No running for me this week... maybe for the best? ;)

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6 miles today.
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No running for me this week... maybe for the best? wink.gif
Funny stuff. Winner of most obvious research:
a course that takes 64 days and covers 2,788 miles from southern Italy to Norway. They found the runners endured some surprising changes in the runners bodies.
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Ran in daylight today so I could film my run with my new GoPro (useless at night). Ran a new record, too, at 08:07.
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11.4 miles today on some tame trails. Ran in North Face Ultra Cardiac shoes. Really liked them. Flexible, good cushion, light, and fit well.
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Ran the Malibu Canyon 50k yesterday. Spectacular day... 60 degrees and so clear that you could see for a hundred miles from the peaks. Race went really well.

I'd felt undertrained so decided to play it conservative. Despite this, I hit the mile 22 aid station in about 4.5 hours and felt like a sub 6 hour finish was within reach so picked up the pace. Almost bonked at mile 29 but turned the final corner just in time. Seeing the finish line gave me the emotional bump I needed to sprint for it (or that's how it felt, at least).

I turned into the parking lot just in time to see the timer tick from 5:59:59 to 6:00:00, finishing at 6:00:55; 19th overall and 5th in my age group... and beat my buddy for the first time ever (by 11 minutes!).

Would have been nice to break 6 hours but a PR is a PR smile.gif
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Nice Blahspam! Congratulations.
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