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4.5 miles yesterday on the trails and 2hrs in the climbing gym today.  They had lacrosse balls there so I picked on up to help roll out muscles.  It feels great on my left foot which I have been having issues with.

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6.1 miles Friday
5.8 miles today
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Good News: I was able to drop 2 mins from my last 1/2 marathon on Thanksgiving day by almost 3 mins finishing at almost 1:35 flat  



Bad news:Ended up only doing 106 miles this month because of my injury and to make matters worse it slowed me down 17 secs from my usual monthly pace. 


Overall not that upset given the reasoning 

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9-10 trail miles today. Been sticking with a push the ups / rest the downs strategy and it seems to be paying off.
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I had my first free day in a while so I did five miles and it felt great when I got back.

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8mi at 7:50/mi
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5km this evening, dodging black ice by headlamp... "Race" day is five days away!
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Got in 5 miles this morning.  Pre-run warm up seems to have helped but could have been placebo.

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6.7 miles today
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1870 m yesterday in 08:17. Broke my record last Saturday, from 08:22 to 08:17 despite the cold air.
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9 miles of flatness...
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13.2mi @ 8:29/mi. Was planning on 16mi, but right calf started feeling strained at 13. Was a 2.5mi walk back home too. Gonna' have to really force myself to slow down the pace and remain injury free until Carlsbad 1/17.
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Core work and 2.7 miles incline run w 1200 ft of gain.
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I'm unstoppable right now: Broke my record running 08:13 yesterday and then 08:09 today. Absolutely stoked. Considering the air is pretty cool (0-5 ° C), I should be able to run sevens which would be totally amazing considering my record was 08:35 three years ago.

Repetition, repetition, repetition.
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10.8 miles today
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