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6 each Thursday and Friday and 18 pacing miles yesterday (last legs of the Chimera 100). Pacing was pretty slow going but felt good to get some serious climbing in.
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5 miles yesterday.  Legs felt tired after 2 hard runs the previous 2 days.

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6.1 on Saturday afternoon
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7.7 miles this morning.  

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To any of the experienced runners on this tread I have a question. I have been running pretty often for the past year and a half and about mid last month I started to have ankle and knee pain during and after my runs. Went and got checked out after a race and I was told my have IT Band issues. So this month I have been taking it slow and not doing any races (Which is killing me) But I am still having pain. I even went out and bought new shoes with better support in them as I have only had 3 other paid in the past year and a half (roughly worn for 1,500 miles so 500 miles each) 

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@Wing0 you're not drinking enough (or nothing at all) during running?
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Yeah I honestly don't take water or anything with me during runs anymore. Yesterday after my post I tried to knock out 10 miles in prep for my half marathon next week and my time wasn't what I was wanting at all
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Yeah I honestly don't take water or anything with me during runs anymore.

My usual track is slightly less than 2 km and I probably drink a quarter liter of water+HEED in advance and I'll drink more water in the run, too. If you go 20 kms without water at a decent pace, you're insane in my opinion.
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10 miles without water isn't too bad. I suffered IT band issues a few years back and it was incredibly frustrating. It eventually subsided but not sure which of the treatments helped (if any). Good luck in the upcoming race.

4 mile shakeout run Tuesday and an uptempo 9 yesterday.
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5 miles this morning.  I don't drink water unless it is in the humid Tennessee summer.  I can go a little above 10 without water when it is cooler but a sip here and there is preferred.  

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6 miles of hills today (with more walking than I care to admit)

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Another 6 mostly flat miles this evening.
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Today was to be a rest day but a shoe delivery from Running Warehouse forced my hand. 10 hilly miles on my first ever pair of Nike running shoes/

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Rolled ankle a few weeks ago. Wasn't getting better so took 5 days off. Will stick w treadmill and ease back into things for winter to have ankle healed.
5 miles yesterday
8.5 miles today.
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4mi at 8:00/mi. First run in a week, after driving and eating like a pig across the country. Back tight as hell...
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