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Took a small shortcut from my usual route so calling it 8 miles.

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5 miles this morning.  Also saw 5 deer.  I haven't seen any running through the neighborhood for a few weeks but they are back to being active in the morning.

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I woke up early and got in 17.75 miles this morning, in honor of today and the 240th birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Now I need to find the traditional lunch of steak and lobster.
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9 miles in just under 70 minutes, Not too shabby for an old man :). 

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6.4 miles today. Close to 14 on Saturday in a half marathon trail race down in Kentucky while on vacation. A bit over 5400' total elevation, so not a gimme run. Not many flat areas. Pretty fun and challenging race.
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15.1mi @ 8:40/mi
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My usual track (1870 m) again. Time: 08:46, same as yesterday. The conditions in the forests in Europe may be really good right now, dry and the fallen leaves add a nice touch. Then you realize it's mid-November and not October. confused.gif
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6.25 miles this evening in 56:20 (9:01 pace). We had a bit of snow (~2") last night, so this was a new experience for me, running with some snow still around... Temps in the low 40s (windchill in the mid 30s). Good times!

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4.3 miles today
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5.3 miles
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6.6 miles yesterday.  Having my morning coffee then figuring out todays run.

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4mi @ 7:22/mi
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Well I ran the same distance as yesterday but today it registered 7.8 miles.  Must have lost signal on my watch yesterday.  Did it 5 minutes faster today in 56:44.

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6.6 miles
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