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Ran about 6 km in 26:58 with a short pause at half the distance. I'm making progress, despite running on Perpetuem.
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7 miles today in just over 50 minutes.

Nice. nod[1].gif

I took the day off… it was actually a bit too warm this afternoon and I wanted to watch the game (WS).


Fingers crossed that temps will finally dip into 70s soon... getting pretty tired of this summer heat. I'll be in Denver next week and looking forward to running in 30-something degree temps... at least until I remember how cold 30-something actually is.

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9.6 miles
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Ran 6 km with just a short pause at the halfway mark in 26:33. Pretty happy with that. Maybe I'll manage to do it in one go on Tuesday.
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4.5 miles today.  Nice to get out of the house.

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A bit over 7 trail miles today.
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8.2 yesterday morning, mixed terrain (pavement, trails and gravel roads) with my wife.
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Regular route but it began to rain a little bit over here and there was an amazing full arch rainbow over all of Century City this evening… very cool.
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4.4 miles
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Managed to run the full 6 km distance today in 26:38. Very satisfied. Let's see what tomorrow will bring. I can't wait to run this in less than 26:00 on Sunday.
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Alright, back from second calf injury and second time I've missed two-weeks of training. Yesterday was first test, with an easy 3mi run at 8:10/mi. Today, I bumped it up with a 6mi run at 7:50/mi, which felt pretty good. Gotta' get back in gear here, as I've only 12wks until Jan 17th marathon. My calves feel good. Seems like those two injuries were possibly the result of many years of scar tissue build-up, or something. I dunno. The constant self-massage and use of the muscle stick seems to be really helping now. We'll see...

Re: Heart rate monitors, etc... I use a Suunto Ambit2 watch and sync with Strava. No HRM. I'm interested in time/distance/pace. Nutrition wise: half-marathon and under, I just drink water, take several Salt Stick caps during and one Cliff Shot immediately afterwards. Beyond that distance, I eat a mocha Cliff Shot (w/ 50mg of caffeine) about every 6mi. For the race, I'll bump that up to 1 every 4 or 5 miles.
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I did 6 this morning around 5:00 a.m. and got to watch the last bit of the a meteor shower. Had I been up about an hour earlier, rumor has it that I would have been able to see the Northern Lights which is a pretty rare sight here in Metro Detroit.

It's currently 77º. It's currently November 3rd. Those two sentences don't generally go together so I am going to make an effort to enjoy the weather and get a few more miles after work this afternoon.
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A bit over 6 miles along cherry creek early this morning. Glad I packed a short sleeve shirt as it's been too warm for layers (50+ in the mornings). Got some weather coming in tonight which should be fun. 

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Tried something different today and started running the 6 km track noon-ish but had to stop since I hadn't eaten anything. That was kind of dumb but I went through one third the path pretty well, in other words I don't need calories to cover all the track. I think.
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Easy 4.2 miles today. First run back after doing the NYC Marathon on Sunday. Felt great to be running again.
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