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1 hour run (6.55 miles) this afternoon on mixed terrain with about 400 feet of climbing, most of it in the first half. Gorgeous day! I spotted a young buck deer and almost tripped over a squirrel at one point.
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6.9 miles today
7.6 yesterday
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12.2 miles in a trail race.  Ended up passing 2 people in the last mile to finish 6th.  Total gain is something like 2700' and I finished in 1:58 and change.


Was a fun race and I felt good even though I stayed up a little later than I was planning on last night.


Oh and yesterday I put in a 5 mile shake out run prior to the race.

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Nice! Love passing people at the finish (even though it's never been for a single-digit place in my case...)

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6.3 miles this morning with temps below 30º. I was not expecting that.

Yesterday was the Detroit Free Press Marathon and while I wasn't running, I did head down to cheer on some friends. One of the local radio stations tweeted out this photo of the men's half marathon winner. He was definitely going full throttle... some might even say balls out!
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Yesterday did 4mi at 7:58/mi
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Last Sunday-10 miles
Tuesday-6 miles
Weds-5 miles
Thursday-6 miles
Friday-6 miles
Saturday-6 miles
Last night-6 miles

Also hit my goal is 1.5k miles
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4 miles
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1870 m. Again. In the dark.
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8 miles of mixed terrain, mostly with my wife (she did 7).

I had no problems with the trails, but took a corner too tight onto a sidewalk...

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5.0 miles today
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Coming up on mile 1 this afternoon, I felt a little tightness in my left calf. As I was scoping out a good spot to stop and stretch a little, I felt a pop, and my run was done. It took me a solid half-hour to limp back to my car.



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Gonna hit a mile and a half right now.

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Just some elliptical work this morning.  Going low impact this week and just foam rolling for a little break from running.  


Hopefully nothing serious SB!  Fueco, I saw a couple people trip on the parking lot curb at the race this weekend.  This after the technical trail run.

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SugarButch - That sucks. Happened to me with my left calf several weeks ago, but it's healed now. Unfortunately, had to stop my planned 13.1 at 7.5 yesterday, after straining my right lower-calf. There goes another two weeks. Growing old ain't for pussies...
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