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How many miles did you run today? - Page 781

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6.2 miles.
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Yes, still hot/humid in SoCal. 4mi at 7:30/mi.
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4.75 with my wife last night. I love that the weather is cooling down! 84 during the day, but mid 60s just before sunset.
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4.6 miles
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3 yesterday, 3 today. 

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10mi at 8min/mi
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7.1 this evening with the wife. This was my longest run since moving to CO.
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13.2 last Sunday. City (San Luis Obispo) to the Sea (Pismo Beach) Half Marathon. Fun stuff.

Pictures are obvisouly courtesy of tr-iag.com
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5.6. Did the first four on usual path around Lake Merced, but got a wild hair and detoured into the Fort Funston dunes for a mile or so. Uphill and down in loose sand. Yowza. The view was worth it, though:

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Got in 9 miles on the trails.  Got to run with another new guy who told me about his 8.5 hour 50K.  That is a long day on your feet!

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I haven't checked in here in quite some time but I've still been getting my miles in. I got in 4 fast on the treadmill after work yesterday.

I've got a good friend who I haven't seen since grad school (about 6 years ago) coming into town for the Detroit Marathon on Sunday so even though I'm not running, I may go down and cheer them on for a while and enjoy the crowds.

Next weekend I'll be in DC for the Marine Corps Marathon and same friend is headed to DC to cheer on his running group from Virginia Beach so I'll get to see him again. We may go look for somewhere in the NOVA area to get a trail run in later that afternoon.
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This is an... interesting thread.

1870 m.
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3 today... it's been a hurtful week tbh. i'm getting my legs back and just trying to shake off rust. 

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