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10 miles tonight on the roads

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6.2 miles with my wife on paved trails and streets in the neighborhood.
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3.3 easy paced miles.
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6 miles last night and 6 tonight on paved roads. Got my first half marathon this Saturday so I am trying to ready myself for it.

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6.x miles today.  Added some to my normal route because I wanted to continue running in the rain.

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5 miles on paved trails this evening.
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4.1 miles
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5.7 miles today
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4.9 this afternoon
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5 miles this morning.  55* and damp so it was a nice running environment.

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3.1 today, first run in almost a month. Thought I'd give it a go but my hip flexor and IT band are still giving me issues. Looks like it's back to foam rolling for maybe another month.
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Total of the month of September. It would be more but I had 3 competitive races that I had to take break days for. Wish me luck on my first 1/2 Marathon tomorrow
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6.5 miles this evening before the weather came in... just a small evening thunderstorm with light rain. It was cool running on a slight downhill heading home with thunder crashing over the hills... I feel like my running mojo is finally coming back after the hip injury in early July. Terrain today was a mix of roads, trails, and sidewalks.

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First 1/2
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11.7 miles today on fairly tame trail. Wanted to see how I would feel getting in some miles after last weekends adventure. No problems and felt good.

Congrats Wing0. Good job w/ first race.
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