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How many miles did you run today? - Page 777

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11 miles today.
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11 miles on the trail.  This was on the same course as a race I signed up for yesterday.  Had some sections of long (5-10min) uphill climbs with some hands on the ground climbing.  Rocks were also an issue so hopefully no rain near race day.  The good thing is though we will not see any other 88* days like yesterday so it should make it a little easier.

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6.1 miles
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8.6 miles. Felt great to run one of my old routes.
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6 miles w/ fartleks. Last run Thursday and 50K on Saturday.
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5 mi
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The pope is messing up my runs this week...the whole city is clogged up
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5 last night and 4.6 this morning.
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3.3 miles Thursday
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7.5 miles last night on the trails.  

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6 tonight 

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15 miles of a mix of mostly trails and a few road miles.

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Ran a 50k trail ultra today. Pretty runnable w only a few very technical areas. Very hilly though. Was looking to break 6 hrs and did for 31 miles. Problem was I missed 2 turns and ran another 4 miles. I was pushing to hit the final couple miles and was about gassed when I realized I was off course. The race ended up being a bit longer than 31 miles so ended with about 36-37 miles today. Garmin showed 35.5 but in an area w no cell service and deep in woods I'm guessing a bit longer than the garmin mileage.
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6.6 miles today on the roads.

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