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7 miles. Still in the upper 90s but the lack of breeze made it feel 10 degrees warmer. Looks like temps should start heading back to normal on Sunday... can't wait.

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Yesterday: 4.1mi at 7:31/mi
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3 miles on the treadmill and some weights.  Sweating out the wine from last night was needed.

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Somewhere around 16-17 miles on the trails today. Not a lot of vertical but very technical. Out in the middle of nowhere. Watch lost satellite reception a few times.
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More importantly, I may have finally figured out the cause of my recent race day gastro issues (worrying too much about getting x calories every y minutes regardless of how I'm feeling... so, overeating... derp). Looking forward to the next one (mostly).

I usually shoot for around 250 calories an hour for long races / runs at 50K and over. Vitargo is really a great liquid way to get the calories and supplement with a gel pack or stinger chew pack during the hour. I've had no gastro issues with Vitargo.
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Yesterday was too hot. 17mi at 8:42/mi.
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9 miles today, I'm getting some pain in my hip flexor on my left leg. At first I thought it was just tight so I've been stretching and foam rolling it a lot, but the pain is starting to get worse. Might need to take a little time off.
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8.1 medium paced miles.
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7 miles this morning
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4mi at mellow recovery pace.
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6 miles
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5 miles at a quicker pace.

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4.5 miles, still humid as hell but I had a quicker run than when I did 4.5 last Tuesday.
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9 miles w/ speed work
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3.1 this morning
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7.1 miles at medium pace.
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