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10.1 medium paced miles yesterday.
5.3 medium paced miles today.
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5.8 miles in 46 min.  Was a good run though felt some tightness in my thigh so I stopped from doing another lap.

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8 miles Sunday, really struggled with the last mile in the heat so I did a run/walk for that last stretch.
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Haven't done much running the last few weeks but managed a not-horrible showing at the Bulldog 50k this weekend.


Felt great for the first 20 mile and was on pace for a sub 6:00 finish. Severe cramps kicked around mile 20 and ended up finishing in 7:02. Happy with my finish considering the course difficulty and my lack of training. 


More importantly, I may have finally figured out the cause of my recent race day gastro issues (worrying too much about getting x calories every y minutes regardless of how I'm feeling... so, overeating... derp). Looking forward to the next one (mostly).

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6 miles today
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Yesterday: cruise 4mi at 8:40/mi.
Today: 8mi at 8:00/mi
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I have decided to take the week off of running and ease back into it this weekend.  Felt some tightness in my leg so rolling that out this week.  A 30+ mile week left my legs tired and a little tight so I need to change up some things if I want to keep getting in more mileage.

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9.1 miles today w/ hill repeats.
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9 miles in mid 90s temps yesterday. Expecting it to be even hotter today.
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3.1 miles with 5 x 1' intervals @ ~7min/mi
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