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My Garmin kept losing signal but I got in something like 13-14 miles before cramping took over and I limped in the last half mile to the car.  Ran most of the hills which probably led to an early demise of a scheduled 17 miles.

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5 this morning. Didn't feel the earthquake that hit the Bay Area while I was out there.

Slow, and my aching lower back suggests that it's not just the legs and heart that are having to reacllimate. I guess I need to start doing some core work, too.

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6 miles. Easy pace.
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4 miles this morning at 8:30 pace. Came within 3 seconds of finishing mile number 4 in under 8 minutes, which I'm pretty sure is something I've never done on a 4 mile run before.
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Yesterday: 4mi at 7:40 pace.
Today: 8.1mi at 8:11 pace. Was a real struggle on tired legs and slight hangover.
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5k trail run this morning at what will soon be the nearest trailhead to home (less than two miles).

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Got in 9 miles last night but felt pretty rough during it.  The heat seemed mild but I had to walk a couple of times from my heart racing like crazy.  Still any day on the trails is still a pretty good day.

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3.1 this morning
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4 miles
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4.8 miles this morning.  I could see my breath!

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8.2mi at 7:50/mi yesterday.
16.1mi at 8:22/mi today.
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9 miles yesterday.

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6.3 in Giant Race 10K. Longest run since February!
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10.1 medium paced miles yesterday.
5.3 medium paced miles today.
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