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5.1 miles at a quicker than normal pace today.
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8.1 miles really slowly. It was super hot and I started my run too late. With about 1.5 miles to go I had to pop in a McDonald's and ask for a cup of ice water. I drank half of it and walked outside and dumped the rest of the water and all the ice on my head to cool down. It gave me a second wind to finish the run, but I was still pretty slow.
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5 this morning
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9 miles today. First run that has felt "good" in a couple weeks.


Speedgoats are getting returned. Took them out for about 10 miles on Saturday and the toe box is just too narrow for me (became quite painful towards the end). I really hope they incorporate the same vibram outsole on their other trail runners because the grip/feel was incredible.

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7.5 miles today.
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3.2 easy mis. First run since 13.1mi Sat before last, due to tweaked right calf. Felt ok. Will test with 7mi tomorrow. We'll see...
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I haven't been running lately since I tweaked my back four weeks ago. Today, I went for my first run since. 2.1 miles at just over a 10 minute mile pace. I'm still rather stiff, but it felt good to get out and stretch the legs.
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4 easy miles this morning
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^^ Coming back from an injury is always so sketchy. Feels so good to get back out there though.
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9 miles. Taking it slow until I can work out some hamstring tightness. There will be foam rolling in my future.

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7mi at mellow 9min pace, to further test tweaked calf. Felt alright. Will up pace a bit tomorrow, on short run.
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2.5mi the past couple of days. Haven't been feeling the need to edge up, preferring to keep shorter but quicker distances this time around. Going to keep at daily 2.5ers until I get some form back.

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9.5 miles on the trails last night.  I can probably get that to 11.5 miles on Tuesday nights which would be a nice distance for a weekday.

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9.2 miles w/ intervals tonite.
Lots of injuries and tweaks out there. Too many miles, too much after downtime, other? Get healthy, fall racing season is coming up.
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No fall racing for me other than a trail half marathon in October.  A group is going to do a 40 mile hike/run on the Appalachian Trail the weekend of my 30th birthday so I may join in on that.

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