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9 yesterday and going to get another 9 in today then celebrating my wife's 30th.  Stay hydrated!

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Did 5 miles Friday morning and 8 this morning. The temps were very reasonable for a change and it didn't feel super hot like it usually does.
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4.7 this morning
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5.25 miles today.  Another passing CPA exam score and a good run of songs on my iPod made for a quick tempo run.  

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I wasn't planning to run yesterday, but when he got home my son asked if we could run. Can't say no to that. 2 miles
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I was planning to run yesterday but I didn't get up early enough before work, so I got my 4 miles in this morning.
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5 miles this morning. Used my HRM for the first time since October. For the same effort, I'm currently about a minute per mile slower. The data are in and they are conclusive: I'm out of shape! smile.gif
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8.2 miles w/ hill repeats. Tough run.
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5.4 easy miles today
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4.5 miles tonight on the trails.  Felt great with the cooler weather.

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I have to ask as I know other people incorporate lunges into their workouts:


1.  Do you do weighted lunges or bodyweight lunges?

2.  How many per leg in a day?


The reason I ask is that I incorporated weighted lunges during my gym days and Wednesday I added another 10 per leg.  Yesterday's run was rough and today I just want to stand as sitting is rough.  I am hoping this makes hills slightly less painful.

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^ if I do lunges during a run, I don't do them weighted, because I'm not running with weights on me. Depending on how long the run is I might finish with 100-160 total (50-80 each leg). If I'm doing them at the gym I don't do heavy weight (maybe a 15-20 lb dumbbell in each hand) and I'll probably do 3 sets of 20 (10 each leg)
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9 miles today. First run in over a week. Business travel and winery construction sucking up most of my free time (not to mention all that regular work too).


Picked up a pair of Hoka Speedgoats today. Hope to take them out for a short spin tomorrow morning. First impression: run a hair smaller and more narrow than the Challenger ATR but have a more comfortable tongue and lacing configuration.

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15.4 miles today.
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I got in 11.25 miles yesterday and felt great.  

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