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6.2 on Fri. and 8.1 yesterday. I think my Hoka Conquest are close to shot. Tried both the Huaka and Cortez models, but the uppers just weren't comfortable. Brooks Ravenna and Racer ST are en route. I like the Transcends I've been using... They just seem a bit bulky.
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9 slow hungover miles... ugh

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9.2 miles
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2 miles, half uphill. 

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2.4 after work this evening
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Feeling much better during my runs this week...i think there is a correlation on my hip hurting and 2 things, how fast i run and how much food i eat. The faster I run the less it hurts. The more I eat the better my recoveries are. Ive eaten significantly more in the last 72 hours then a typical 3 day period so far this summer.

Both my 6 milers were under 40 this week with some significant waits for lights. They were closer to 45 the last few weeks.

I need to star wearing a watch so I can actually tell how long it takes.
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5.2 miles
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2.6 in what passes for heat in San Francisco
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2.2 miles. Waited until about 8:30pm to avoid the sun.

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4.5 miles on the trails last night.  Some rain came in earlier in the day and cooled things off a bit.

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4 miles today at a nice quick pace for me. Typically if I can stay under 9 min per mile then that's a good day, and I got down to 8:39 for this run, with my last mile clocking in at 8:12.
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