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Easy 3 this morning before another day of travel. Every time I run someplace with heat and/or humidity, I am grateful to live in SF.
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4.5 miles today. Last run prior to race.
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4.5 miles with the Tuesday trail group from a different running store.  They start an hour later so we finished with a dark downhill which was a bit sketchy though I run it all the time.  Also passed an ambulance and fire trucks at one of the road crossings.  Seems someone really hurt themselves while out there.  Stay safe on the wet trails @wingin' it
Thanks Jbarwick. They shuffled race to bridle trails and off the mtn bike single track. Should be a mudfest.
I ran Dances w dirt a year ago and at mile 30 there was a few people helping a lady get to an ambulance after she tripped and landed face first on a downhill w rocks. She was unconscious for a bit and pretty bloody.
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Lets see....5.5 miles last night on the trails.  Hot and humid.  1.25 miles this morning before weights.  Also signed up for a trail half marathon in October.  I figure I will keep things on the shorter end of the scale until after the CPA test is over with.  Seems like a good race with 2700' of climb.

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Tapered a bit this week and got in a couple 5-6 mile runs. I didn't get into the SB 100k (which is probably for the best) so planning to crew and pace a friend who's running the 100m. Starts tonight at 6. Should be a good time.
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I was hitting 24-30 miles a week but my hip has been bothering me the past few week causing slower runs and more painful day to day movements. I asked my experienced running friend what the issue may be and it's looking like IT band according to his analysis...ugh I already have issues with the IT band on my right leg but that's closer to my knee.

Anyone else with IT band issues or hip issues ? I'm dreading the foam roller but it's looking inevitable if I want to keep running at the distance and clip I have been. This is pretty much right around the socket. It's not close enough to the front to be hip flexor and it's not close enough to the back to be bursa imo
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I would just throw some hip mobility stretches into your routine.  Increasing mileage will cause things to creep up so adding some preventative items to your routine will help.  I try to foam roll at least weekly and if something seems more painful than usual, I will roll more often.

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I would just throw some hip mobility stretches into your routine.  Increasing mileage will cause things to creep up so adding some preventative items to your routine will help.  I try to foam roll at least weekly and if something seems more painful than usual, I will roll more often.

Yea I hate the foam roller and stretching in general. That's why I never excelled with track in high school. I just wanted to show up and run. And be kid I asked for help figuring out what my issue was an all American...
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4.8 miles this morning. And I foam roll before every run, no matter how long or short. It really helps me to warm up and get my muscles and joints ready to go. I don't like the way it feels to start a run without foam rolling first, since I've gotten so used to it.
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About 33 miles on a brutal muddy trail today for a 50k race. Race report to follow in a couple days.
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Quick 2.4 this morning in Olympia, WA.
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Got in 12.25 miles on some new trails today.  Ran with a guy that comes out to the Thursday evening runs so it was good to share the time with someone while working hard.  I think the pace ended up being like 10:25 min per mile.

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Very slow 7 miles today with 140 walking lunges and 70 push-ups. I need to start getting up earlier on Sundays because it's already too hot and humid at 7:30 when I start my run.
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6.6 miles today in the heat index of 100*+.  I should have stayed home as it was a slow shuffle most of the time.

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60 hours without sleep race report (sorry for length and grammar)

tldr; DNFd at mile 43 of the SB100k. Met Dean Karnazes. Great guy. Tarantula Hawks are serious business. Hated the course and doubt I'll return.

Spent the weekend up in Santa Barbara at the SB100 race. I didn't get into the race but was allowed late entry on race day. I credit this to a very poor showing compared to most ultra races in the region (less than 90 racers total when most other races get multiple hundreds)

The 100m kicked off Friday night at 6pm with the 100k starting at 7 the following morning. Crewed my friend through the night then returned to starting line for my event so was operating on no sleep. This didn't much matter once I got a few miles under my belt. Felt great through the first 27 miles and into the brutal 3 mile, 3500' climb that ends at the 100k turnaround. It was hot and exposed and I ran out of water with about 1.5 miles to go and really struggle to rehydrate once I reached the top.

After 20-30 minutes cooling down and rehydrating, I headed back the way I came and ran into other runners in worse shape than I was (out of water grinding to the top). I gave up some water to help them out thinking I didn't need as much since I was headed mostly downhill... Turned out to be a huge mistake as I ran out of water and it was much hotter. I walked for about 2 hours with no water or gel before finally reaching the aid station. I was in pretty bad shape.. Dizzy, couldn't think, and dry heaving. Tried to get some water in me but kept vomiting it up. Started shivering really badly even though it was still fairly warm. Aid stations had no ems (first aid kit only) so I laid down in the sun for a bit and slowly fed and drank until I started to recover. Started feeling a little better but worried about the cutoff (I was told that 100k cutoff was 1am and not 6am) so I decided to head out and recover on the road. The next section was mostly downhill and short so was a good chance to try and bank some miles. Was feeling worse when I arrived at the next aid station and decided to call it... Though that pushing too hard here could have put me in danger and the next section kicked off with a pretty steep climb.

As for the race... I don't think I'll ever do it again... It was hard for all the wrong reasons. The course profile was pretty standard fare but many of the trails are (intentionally) unmaintained and overgrown with poison oak and various other nasty weeds so you spend a lot of time bushwacking though hot dry valleys. On top of that, the course was poorly marked leading many people (myself included) to get lost multiple times. My buddy covered an extra 10 miles after missing a marker.

I believe the finishing rate this year was somewhere around 35% - 40% and most of those took al let the entire 23/36 hour allotment.

Some highlights: Dean Karnazes was there and as friendly and charming as you would hope. He finished the 100m in about 34 hours and was privy to my dehydration situation. Despite having his own struggles, he was very supportive and friendly and always had a smile on his face. He persevered in all the ways I could not... Really says something about him I think. His daughter paced him for a bit and she was equally charming and a solid runner in her own right.

Saw a tarantula hawk take out a tarantula the size of my fist and drag it about 20 yards up a hill and across a parking lot... Some amazing nature right there.

Despite the DNF, I'm looking forward to my next race. I felt really strong though the first 50k or so and had it not been for poor hydration planning on my part, I think I would have had a good showing.
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