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How many miles did you run today? - Page 764

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6.2 miles today
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Couple of 9s. Temps dropped a bit and legs are feeling back to normal. Decided to sign up for the SB 100k after all (despite being ill prepared) but missed the deadline. Sent a note to the race director. Fingers crossed that he lets me in.
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Here's a couple races that have my attention. Sounds like a blast.

Halfway point for the year: 1029 miles as of 6/30.
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4.9 this morning, I have off work so I sent later than usual and it was already incredibly hot and humid. Started off strong but had a weak finish.
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It's a been a crappy year for running. Last year I was at 500 miles, and this year 182.
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10.4 miles today
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9 miles on the trails today.

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5.5 this morning
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Hot & humid 7 miles today
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4.1 miles Sunday.
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4.6 miles this morning.  Took yesterday off because I was very lazy the holiday weekend.

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3 miles yesterday morning before 13.5 hours of travel.
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4.2 this morning in 36 minutes, quickest run for me in a while.
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8.2 very hilly miles at a decent pace. 50k Saturday and it has been all rain here for several days w more to come. Course is a 10.5 mile loop of bridal and single track. Solid mud. May be a tough slog just to finish.
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4.5 miles with the Tuesday trail group from a different running store.  They start an hour later so we finished with a dark downhill which was a bit sketchy though I run it all the time.  Also passed an ambulance and fire trucks at one of the road crossings.  Seems someone really hurt themselves while out there.  Stay safe on the wet trails @wingin' it 

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