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That is a good album but haven't listened to it in a while.  I haven't listened to music while running for a few weeks but was on a Wu Tang Clan kick for a couple of months.  Prior to that is was a mix of hip hop and rock.  I like when both have a good tempo so I can set my pace based on the song.  Some faster and some slower to mix it up.

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4.2 this morning with some more sprint intervals. I realize how much easier it is to run at a steady pace when I start introducing these intervals into my workouts. I was dead by the time I finished this one.

MP - interesting topic on music. I always have music playing when I run, and I created a bunch of different playlists so that I'm not always listening to the same things. Typically it's fast and heavy rock music to keep me energized while I'm running, things like System of a Down, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, etc. One of my newer favorites that I've been adding to my playlists is Royal Blood.
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@Beatlegeuse - I have a bunch of playlists to mix it up too but it's always difficult to find an entire album that's good for running from start to finish. Your list reminds me that the self-titled and Evil Empire RATM albums might be good ones for running to.

@jbarwick mentioned Wu and I have a lot of their stuff in my playlists but the problem with their albums (and quite a few of my favorite hip hop albums) is that they often have a lot of skits/spoken parts that can sort of drag on and take me out of my zone if I am trying to keep my pace up.

LCD Soundsystem has an album that is really just one long song that's great for running too. I think I recall reading that James Murphy put it together when he wanted some music to run to to help lose weight and then ended up licensing it to Nike for their use... or something like that. But that's just one song, so does that count?

Black Sabbath's Paranoid is a pretty good album to run to. Actually, I could probably just put the opening song on repeat and be happy with that.
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Bit over 21 trail miles this morning. Slower than my usual pace but happy to finish a longer run given how I've been feeling of late.
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9.25 road miles @ a 7:58 pace.  Felt good the stretch the legs out though it was getting hot.

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Roughly 20 trail miles yesterday.
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6.1 this morning with 10 wide-leg squats every half mile.
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I'm still running, SB. When I'm not injured; which is half of the time frown.gif. smile.gif
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5 trail miles today on 2 quick loops.  Though it was in the 80s it wasn't overwhelmingly hot like yesterdays run.

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3.5, again slowly.
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5.5 miles yesterday and 6.7 today.

An awesome performance by Krar at WS100.
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4.2 miles with more intervals, I was able to keep my pace below 8:45 which felt pretty good for me.
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Originally Posted by wingin' it View Post

5.5 miles yesterday and 6.7 today.

An awesome performance by Krar at WS100.

That was a great performance.  Timothy Olsen dropped Laverado over the weekend and from a Facebook post, it sounds like he may have OTS.  He had 2 great performances at Western so it makes me wonder how long Krar can keep up with the performance.  Then to think of what Killian is doing is crazy.


I got in 1.7 miles today then some weights in the gym.  It seems like the lunges are really helping when running hills so I will keep those up and possibly add to the frequency I do them.

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8.3 miles yesterday w hill repeats.
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5 miles yesterday and possibly a trail run tonight but the rain is heavy and non-stop so the trails may not be the best of places to go.

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