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Originally Posted by jbarwick View Post

That OTS article was interesting.  Seems like something similar to everyone claiming Rhabdo for doing crossfit.
Link to article?
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3.25 this morning. Felt super tired the whole time.
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3.2 for me today with some sprint intervals, felt good to crank up my pace a bit.
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1.5 miles in the gym this morning with some lunges as well.



Originally Posted by wingin' it View Post

Link to article?

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7.3 easy miles today.
Originally Posted by Watchman1 View Post

Dude, this is a good way of course.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks Watchman. There are quite a few guys on here that ramp up the trail miles on the weekends leading up to marathons and ultra's.
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Thanks for the link. Pretty interesting article. I think most runners could point to some part of that article and say "that's me", but big difference between sore, poor run, and total drain these elite guys went thru.

I've read about Roes before and he was really a mess. I thought AK just beat himself up to much w/ miles and racing. Not sure if the OTS was the culprit.

For the average guy, not sure how much affect it (OTS) can have on you more than an injury would take you out first. I'd think most guys training for a few years in long distance races have come across times where you just need some time off to rest. After a lot of my marathon or ultra races and training leading up to them, I usually come down with a cold/flu due to immune system being trashed, but get over it pretty quick. Couple of good books out there on the effect of long races and training on the body systems and why you need recovery time during the year or after a long race. Running Science (Anderson) and The Runners Body (RW) are both worth reading.
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5.1 yesterday morning
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5 miles this morning.


I too thought AK was just beat up and had injuries more than OTS.  

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6.2 this morning, at a 6:30 pace.


Look at that, my first post. 

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Couple more 9 miles loops... legs still feeling a lot more fatigued than usual. I think the heat may be contributing. Was hoping to do the Mount Disappointment 50k in a few weeks but it sold out. Friend is running the Santa Barbara 100 miler so I may go pace him for a bit or sign up for the 100k and try my hand at night running for the first time. All depends on how my legs are feeling.


With regards to AK, It seems like he's rehabbing from injury than suffering from OTS (fairly recent vid)



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9.8 miles
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3.1 this morning. Every run this week has been blah, and I could barely keep it under 9'30" today.
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5.7 miles today
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4.65 miles yesterday in the 90* heat with humidity.  It was a struggle.

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I got in 6.1 miles this morning including 4 miles at the high school track down the street. I was at the track before 6:00 a.m. and usually at that time of day there are very few other runners out there. Today however there was a high school girls sports camp of some sort out there doing laps. I felt like a pervy old man... but I kept on running anyway.

Last night I did 5.5 miles and kept my pace down below 7:30/mile for the entire run and still had some left in the tank when I was done. I have to credit Mr. Andrew W.K. for helping me with my pace last night.

I listen to this album quite frequently when I run and have come to the conclusion that it's my favorite album to run to.

Any of you other StyleForum runners listen to music when you run and have some personal favorites?
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