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How many miles did you run today? - Page 761

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7.4 easy miles
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9.1 miles w/ hill intervals.
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8.2 miles.
I like heat and humidity training in summer. KC was perfect for this. Northern WI, not so much. Ran today w winter beanie and long sleeve shirt to try to get heat acclimated. Have a 50k in 1 month back in KC. Usually in the 90's for that race.
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4 miles this morning at 6am. Temps in the low 80s already with 94% humidity. I was sweating like crazy within the first quarter mile.
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5 miles last night with the trail group.  Pushed it a little too hard and felt the effects of the extra effort plus heat.


Debating on getting some studying out of the way and go on a long 20 mile group run tomorrow but water is an issue and the heat will be relentless.

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Trail Running: 2.25 mi
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9 trail miles in the midday heat.

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4.6 miles
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About 17 miles on the trails today.
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Originally Posted by wingin' it View Post

About 17 miles on the trails today.

Dude, this is insane...in a good way of course.

Keep up the good work.
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6 miles this morning with 120 lunges and 60 push-ups along the way
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I'm slowly getting back into running again. Ran 5.5KM yesterday, walked 5KM this morning running errands first thing and I'll run another 5.5 tomorrow. So far my left knee is holding up ok and my second spring cold is gone for good.
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9m both yesterday and today. Skipped the long run on Saturday... legs have been really fatigued since last thursday so took friday and saturday off and didnt seem to help much. Today was a struggle.


On a not-really-related note: One article comes out about OTS and suddenly my instagram and twitter is full of trail runners claiming to have OTS after a single bad run. It's like it suddenly not ok to just have a bad run now and then without blaming a "syndrome"

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That OTS article was interesting.  Seems like something similar to everyone claiming Rhabdo for doing crossfit.

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