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Long time no post. Did a half marathon today and finished at 1'51, a record for me. Nice enough but would like to cut 6-9 minutes off that time still.
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10 miles at a 9:15 pace. Fun times!
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15 flat road miles. Planned on 20 but toe started to hurt pretty bad around mile 12 and took a shortcut back to the car. Feels fine now so not sure what's going on... may be time for some new shoes.

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6.3 miles this morning.
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5.5 miles this am. I think my sweat would have been classified as 100 proof.
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5 miles today, longest run since I got back into it. I did legs at the gym yesterday, so it was tough but I made it.
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I was up at the crack of dawn to beat the heat today. 5 easy miles, with a track workout still to come this evening. It's only supposed to get up to 85 today, but after yesterday when it got up to 100, I don't want to take any chances!
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^ same here. 3.1 miles today and I got out there before 6am, but it was already warming up by the time I finished.
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9 miles for me this morning.

Somebody from our Detroit area runners group posted this video of some half marathon crowd support, Appalachian style, in our Facebook page. I've actually watched this a few times through now and have enjoyed it on each viewing.

Be careful out there you runners in the South! lol8[1].gif
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3.8 yesterday morning, 2.2 this morning
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9 miles in 100+ temps yesterday and 9 more today in 90% humidity... Unusual weather out west these days.
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Another 3.5 on the track tonight. That's 8.5 for the day.
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6.1 miles tonite
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5 miles this morning in the opposite direction of my usual run.  Seemed slower this way but need to use my watch to check.

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Ye olde 9 mile loop today... which would be boring news except that it put me over 1000 miles for 2015.

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