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Thanks for the kudos guys. I'm gonna' lay low for the next two weeks or so and let my achilles heal up. Though the rest of me is a bit torn an frayed as well (particularly my quads/IT bands), mainly from the downhills, but nothing too bad. Heading to Maui for a few weeks with the family soon. I think I'll start throwing in some random jogs there, with the idea of building back up for another marathon in the fall. I guess the San Diego Rn'R Marathon is well known for being fairly "slow/arduous." It'd be cool to see what I could do on a "faster" course, building from my current base...

On another note. I was truly amazed by all the different sizes, shapes, ages, running styles, etc. of all the participants. Looking around, it struck me that at some point most everyone probably entered their own private hell... digging down deep to keep moving. I'm sure some folks somehow can just glide through. It was weird getting passed by an older overweight woman at mile 25. Weirder still that there was not one damn thing I could do about it. Ah, life...

@Michigan Planner, that is f'n hilarious. I must now confess my own low point. After the salty popsicle, which got me about another mile down the road, I started getting super desperate again. A dood about 10yds in front of me got the last Gatorade some bystanders were handing out. He drank about half of it, poured some on his head, then threw the rest in the gutter. I was so fucking angry, I wanted to throttle him... needing the salt and sugar as bad as I did. At about mile 25, before entering a tunnel with blaring music, I spotted a half-bottle of Gatorade sitting on top of a city trash can. It could have been filled with bum piss from the night before as far as I knew.

I didn't hesitate....
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^ That's hilarious about the half-drank Gatorade. You are a braver man than I!

I've got a 9 day run streak going (trying to run at least 3 miles everyday from Memorial Day to the 4th of July) and just happened to run exactly 9 miles on the nose this morning. That was totally unplanned but now I'm thinking of looking for a 10 mile route for tomorrow.

I also tried the @Beatlegeuse method of a set of lunges after every mile. I did 20 after each mile and my legs were killing me for most of the morning. We'll see how I'm feeling when I get up tomorrow.
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Three this morning.
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^ ditto. I didn't realize today was national running day until after the fact, but I'm glad I got a quick run in!
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10 miles this morning for day 10 of my streak.
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9 miles on National Running Day (I had no idea this was actually a thing)

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5 miles this morning.  I missed "National Running Day" but has anyone else noticed there has been a huge thing for "National X Day" this year?  

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4.2 today. Tried doing the "breathe shallowly every two steps" thing, always breathing on my right which is where the stitch comes in. Seems to have helped a bit - managed faster times today and Tuesday with only slight twinges.

Have the hardest time moderating my pace though. Every mile I think I've slowed down, then the pace time is the same as the mile before!
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3.5 miles this morning at a 7:55/minute pace. That's insanely fast for me for running before 6:00 a.m. Usually on my early morning runs I am am quite a bit slower than the pace I would keep up for an actual 5k or 10k.

FWIW, I am also still sore from all the lunges I did a couple of mornings ago. I feel fine when I am up and moving around but it's getting up and sitting back down that are a pain. Climbing into and out of my Jeep yesterday was also quite a site to see.
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3 this morning with a bit of elevation. Ran up and over Potrero Hill.
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13 or 14 miles up some hills and down some other hills and definitely did not get lost any anyone who claims otherwise is a stinking liar 

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9.3 miles yesterday. Pounded the legs hard the last few weeks and "recovering" this week w a rest week. On VA in Louisville at bourbon affair. Planned to get about 25 miles in this week but may be tough to break 20. I am recovering well though w plenty of bourbon.
Coco: nice job on the race and finishing w adversity. Pretty amazing what you learn about yourself and previous perceptions during an endurance event. Cool to see you are already planning the next one.
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I've been slowly getting the mojo back that I lost for a few weeks after the last marathon...


I tweaked my back, had the flu, had the blahs... May was rough... I'm back and feeling good again.


I ran 6 on Monday at E pace, 5 on Tuesday with some tempo work (3 miles at a 7:49 pace), and 6 today (M pace).

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Got in another 5 miles this morning.  

Anyone following Scott Jurek (Ultra marathoner) try to break the AT record?  He has started to have a flair up of Patella Femoral pain similar to I had due to running downhill.  Current record is held by a female who averaged quite a quick time.

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4 miles this morning, felt good, under 9 min pace. I'll try for 5 miles this weekend.
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