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4.6 miles this morning.  It was 55* with mist so it took a while to warm up.

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6.7 miles tonite at easy pace
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4.5 miles. First run since Saturday as I've been dogged by flulike systems since Sunday night.
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3.1 this morning again. I'm going to keep my mileage flat for a while, I really want to ease myself back in to longer runs very gradually.
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2.25, but with some elevation change.
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4.5 yesterday on the trails.  I had my mind on something else and realized I had run all the hills and kept my downhills in check instead of bombing down them.  Thinking of trying the bigger loop in the park to see if I can do a whole lap without walking.  It is ~10.25 miles with ~1700 ft. gain and people try to set a quick time on it to test their fitness.

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I ran 10.1 hilly mostly trail miles yesterday evening. The downhill parts were spent trying to catch a friend who is now tapering for the Honu Half (triathlon) next weekend. Good times!
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7 miles today.  Did my usual 4.5 mile trail loop and tacked on the easy 2.5 mile loop. 

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Between 16 & 17 trail miles today. Really good technical trail w some elevation changes but nothing big.
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4 miles with 20 walking lunges at the end of each mile. That really slowed my pace down a lot but it felt great.
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Did 8mi at an 8:13 pace. Was a hungover nightmare.
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I did a mock 5k today, you know, for the memorial runs tomorrow
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5.2 mile recovery run
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Originally Posted by FlyingMonkey View Post

Long time, no post...
Back at the end of last year, I discovered I had a stress fracture in the arch of my right foot, and then later another in my left foot. And then my left knee ligaments, which have always been a problem since I used to play football (soccer to most of you...), started acting up again.
Short version: I stopped running for 4 months. At first it was to rest and recover, but then my wife and son were away in Japan for two months and it was winter and I was a bit depressed, and it took me ages to get out of the not-running phase.
I've been cycling as normal most of this time, but this weekend I finally got out for my first proper runs since December. a 6.5k and a slightly over-ambitious 14.5k. Anyway, my knee is still knackered and that's not ever going to change, but everything else felt fine. However, I've put on about 3kg in the last few months, and so I'm far from racing shape and most of my previous plans for this year (local race series, half-ironman and marathons) will have to be put on hold while I get fit again. So the rest of this year is going to be dedicated to that. And then I'll think about my goals for next year.
Anyway, it's good to be getting out again.

Attaboy... Good luck!
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7.5 rainy, hilly, trail miles. Great time.
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