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Around 10 miles today out on the trails.
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6.5 miles of speed intervals this morning. I haven't done that in a long time and my hamstrings are feeling it now. I think my goal is to make sure I do a day of speed intervals at least once a week this summer. We'll see if I can actually fulfill that commitment.
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5.9 trail miles.
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4.1mi at cruise pace to get things moving again from last Sat.
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I got in 1.5 miles at the gym.  I have slacked off since last week but am back on it.

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4.3 miles this morning in a sudden cold spell with temps back down in the 30s. It was a nice spring while it lasted. patch[1].gif
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6.7 miles tonite
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Originally Posted by Michigan Planner View Post

Fueco - What's the elevation and/or climb out there? I want to go run one of those races out there with gorgeous scenery and a higher overall elevation but some of the climbs I've seen scare me! lol



The Avenue Of The Giants is pretty mellow, with a gentle uphill for the first quarter, followed by a gentle downhill for the second quarter. The third quarter is a little bit less gentle with some rolling uphill, but oh so nice... The last quarter is a rolling downhill. The course is a double out and back.


The Humboldt Redwoods Marathon is on the same course, but run in the opposite direction. I think that one would be a touch faster.



I'm finally getting my mojo back post-marathon. I ran 3 miles on Saturday out in Bishop, CA (I rode two big hills on my road bike as well). This evening, I ran 6 miles at a mellow pace.

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7 miles tonite w hills
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6mi at 7:23
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Another week of 8s (today was a bit shorter due to an unexpected downpour).
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2.1! With my 8 y.o. son. Nothing particularly exciting about the run or distance, but it was my first time out in a month. This neck/arm thing has really knocked the wind out of my sails.
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4.6 miles this morning.  Getting back to those hot summer morning runs where it takes a while to cool off then get ready for work.

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7.something this morning very slowly until the final 2 miles when I finally decided to open it up a bit.
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3.1 this morning, first run in 3 months. I've been doing weights and cross-training stuff, but it felt good to get back out there on the road. My ankle felt great, so that's a good sign, but some days it feels worse than others. I thought it would fully heal by not running for 3 months, but something still feels off, I probably need to get it checked out.
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