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I ran a half marathon on Saturday. It was my first in about 7 months and my longest run of the year so far (I believe). After slacking tapering since the temps dropped back in the winter I was not expecting anything great but managed to keep my pace in the 8:00/mile - 8:06/mile range so I was definitely pleased.

6.5 miles slower this morning.
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I ran marathon #2 for the year yesterday, The Avenue Of The Giants (near Weott, CA).


This was a race I've wanted to run for 30+ years, since watching my dad run the Humboldt Redwoods marathon in the early 80s (the two races are run on the same course (in opposite directions), but put on by different running clubs). It was a lovely run through the redwood forest of Humboldt Redwoods State Park. My pace was good for the first 14-15 miles, as I was still reasonably close to my goal pace of 8:00/mile. But I fell apart after that. The third quarter had more climbing than I'd thought from driving the course on Saturday. I ended up having to walk about .6 miles from mile 24 before getting some of my mojo back. 


I ended up with an official time of 3:50:13 (6 minutes off my marathon PR), but I did snag a new half marathon PR at 1:46:16 (4 seconds faster than the first half of the Napa Valley Marathon 9 weeks ago).





The best by far was soaking in the Eel River after the race!


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Nice work, gentlemen.
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10.1 miles tonite w/ hill repeats.
Good races Fueco & MP.
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Nice, Fueco and MP. I'm back to the grind tomorrow, after coupla' days off for needed rest.
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Nice Fueco!  


I got in 5 miles this morning at what felt like a quick pace.  Energy was high after waking up and seeing I passed the first section of the CPA exam.

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Fueco - What's the elevation and/or climb out there? I want to go run one of those races out there with gorgeous scenery and a higher overall elevation but some of the climbs I've seen scare me! lol

I got in a bit over 8 miles this morning and found this guy in the high school parking lot down the street from my house. He's now guarding my flower garden.

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5mi at 7:30. Hard-pack La Jolla beach run with a stop for some tight calf stretching.
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8 miles each of the last couple days. Incorporating a few changes to my posture and foot strike and noticing improved speed and efficiency (possibly placebo, time will tell)... also, unexpected leg soreness!

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5.6 easy miles.
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6.5 miles this morning in some gorgeous pre-dawn weather. It was so nice out I was kicking myself for not getting up even earlier so I could get more miles in.
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1.5 miles and im so out of shape.
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10.2mi yesterday and 5.3mi just now.
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6.7 miles tonite w/ speed work.
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20.4mi at 8:28 pace. Last long run. Time to taper before race.
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