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Ran a 15K trail race this morning. Good run and some good rolling hills. 8th overall and 2nd in AG and a prize. The top 3 in each 10 yr AG got a 1lb wheel of cheese from the local dairy and cheese farm.

Nice run and pace coco.
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I got in 2 yesterday.  Think of running around the city today instead of the neighborhood.

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Not normally a Sunday runner but perfect weather coaxed me onto the trails for 14 miles this morning.
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5.5 miles today.  Thought about going longer but had to get some other things done around the house.

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5.5 easy miles today.
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4.6 miles this morning.  Stepped the on the scale last night and realized I could stand to lose a few pounds but I guess that could be from the added weights in the off season.  At least that is what I am telling myself.

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6.1 miles this morning.

I saw a coyote on my run today. Though I am well aware that we have them in the area, I've never seen one in the flesh before, keep in mind, I live in a very dense, almost urban, suburb and I saw the coyote just a few blocks outside of downtown. There is a heavily wooded trail that follows along a river along the west side of town with a couple big golf courses and a nature preserve at the south end of the trail and then the north end heads towards more estate sized lots and some wooded areas and I saw the coyote just off the trail around its midpoint. I've seen deer and beaver and all sorts of other critters in town, but this was a first.
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I saw one in McLaren Park in SF last year and had a similar reaction.
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5.2mi recovery run today. Decided upon the Adidas Boost Adios. The Brooks Racers were a close second, but didn't quite feel as comfy for whatever reason. Test run manana.
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Another 4.6 miles in the books.  Finally able to run the last hill of this loop which means I am getting my running legs back.

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6.1 miles tonite
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4.6 more miles tonite.
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8.5mi yesterday in new shoes. Felt super fast... right up until the point my calves said "no." Too much too soon. Was supposed to do 9mi, but everything tightened up and had to stop. Slow 5mi walk jog today in the Hokas.
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8.5 miles this afternoon in ~ 90 degree temps. Quads refused to cooperate so pace was a full 5 minutes slower than usual.  

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9.8 miles this a.m. Decent pace.
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