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8.2 miles.
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4.25 miles 

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10 miles yesterday. Felt great to get back outside after a week of hotel treadmills.
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2.62 miles yesterday evening. One more quick run today. Tomorrow I suffer!

Edit to add that I just did my 2 mile run with some fartleks. Napa Valley Marathon, here I come!
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17 miles today. McMillian fast finish long run. Pretty good run considering I worked all day and then did the run on the "mill.

Good luck Fueco. Smoke Napa!!!
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Intended to go out for a long trail run yesterday but turned back after about 3 miles. Felt a little foot pain and decided it was better to take it easy rather than push it and make things worse. Good racing Fueco!
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5 mile recovery run today.
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26.2. Napa Valley Marathon in 3:44:06 (54 seconds under my goal time). I also bettered my 1/2 marathon time by more than a minute. I'll have to get the time from the website, but it was 1:46:something). I went out a little to fast, but I resisted the wall until 22 miles in. There's hope for a sub 8:15 pace for me for the next one in May!

Edit: my half marathon split was 1:46:20 (1:40 faster than my old PR, set in St. Paul, MN on January 1, 2013). Good times!
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Good stuff, Fueco!
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Nice work Fueco. Congrats!
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7.7 miles w/ some speed work.
Congrats Fueco, nice job.
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Thanks fellas. Next up, walking normally again, then training for the next one...
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6.2 miles this morning, took about 52 minutes. I realize a lot of folks here run (a lot)faster, but it was a nice run for my standards. smile.gif
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Got in 4 miles on the treadmill.  There is this little old asian woman who for whatever reason always picks the treadmill next to me even though there are 12 other open ones.  Is this a compliment?

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5.1 miles tonite. Easy paced run.
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