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Took yesterday off since I was feeling pretty drained. Long work week, travel, less sleep, etc. The rest was better for me than one extra day of running.

Ran a 4 mile snow shoe race today. Took 4th overall. Was much better than anticipated as temp was negative 1 at start w/ wind chill at neg 15. Most of the race was on single track in the woods, so the wind chill wasn't a factor too often. Pulled the wool neck gaiter up a few times to get some warm air into the lungs, but overall a pretty fun run.
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I've decided I need to focus on my downhill speed if I want to better compete in some of these trail races. Anyone have any advice on how to go about that?

Not that my advice is worth much, but I'd say it makes a difference on the distance you are talking about. On 50K's or longer, I always use downhill's as recovery time. I am a gravity or floating the downhill kind of guy and go as fast as I can without giving much effort. The effort is based on how technical the trail is and how steep. Short steps on the uphill, length of step on downhill based on trail conditions. Any races at half marathon or shorter are just let 'er rip.
I do think core work outs, hill, and speed work strengthen the legs to get you up and down the hills without cramping or giving out.
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only started to run, 2 miles :deadhorse:

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I got in 3.3 miles on the treadmill yesterday.  Woke up today to go to the gym but realized I had started the coffee pot and couldn't come back to old coffee so I stayed home.

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Appreciate the downhill running tips. I think I mainly need to work on slowing down less (if that makes sense) and generally being less paranoid about slipping and/or falling. It's pretty cold and snowy in Denver this week and I haven't decided whether to use the treadmill in the hotel or take a few days off until I'm back home. 

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4.5 easy miles tonight. Taper week = me feeling lazy. smile.gif
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2 miles this morning before weights.  

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I regularly run 2 miles per day. Because doctor said to me I need to run everyday.

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7 slow miles this morning. It was awfully cold out there. I'm definitely ready for Florida in a few weeks.
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Finally, getting back into things. Did 8.5 miles in 75 minutes this morning.
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4 miles at the track with some 5k pace 400s (8 to be precise). 5 days until race day!
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4.3 miles.  Went over 4 miles because I wanted to finish watching something on Sportscenter.

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I'm finally getting around to scoping out the course for this Sunday's race... I really like the course profile!




The weather looks like it should be perfect as well!


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4.75 this morning.
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10.7 miles yesterday. Tempo intervals.

5.4 miles easy pace today.
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3.5 yesterday evening.
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