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66k monster this morning, off trail with most areas in 20cm snow, was tough and a bit boring at times

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Just finished a 13.25 mile run ten seconds per mile off my planned marathon pace. In 15 days, I'm going to embrace the suck! Let the taper commence!
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6 miles this morning, beautiful day here today.
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16.9 miles today at 2.5% incline. Around 2350 ft incline gain.

Nice run Yo-han. Race or just spending the day in the woods?
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Finished the Bandit 50k earlier today... 6k elevation. Finished in 7:01 (bout 15 mins faster than last year). Was on pace for much faster but sharp foot pain around mile 20 forced me to walk most of the last 10 miles even though I had plenty of leg left. Minus the foot pain I'm very pleased with my showing considering I spend most of the last week sick and got zero hours sleep last night (pre race insomnia sucks!). Hoping the foot is nothing major. Icing it down and will review tomorrow.
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Saturday I got a couple miles in pre-weight workout and yesterday was the recumbent bike instead of my usual longer run.  Today we get a work snow-day so I am sitting a home watching Nashville freak out about sleet.  Seems slightly icy so I am just going to stay warm.


How's that Michigan folk?

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6.1 this morning. Lots of people taking advantage of the holiday meant that there was only one parking space left by the time I got there. Beautiful weather, but glad I got out before it warmed up much more.
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Great thread.  Glad to be among other endurance athletes.


1 mile swim this morning, followed by a 3 k Run.  Weight lifting this afternoon.


I am thinking about getting a sports band to match my iPhone.  Never used one, but it looks like a neat accessory for my lifestyle.

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7k to work + 7k home, daily commute
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5.5 mile track workout... One 400 was my fastest since 1995 or so... 1:20. I think I'm going to gun for my mile PR some time this summer...
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6.2 miles today w/ some intervals.

Blah - Hows the foot? Anything serious? Nice job working thru the issues and finishing the race. Some trail races are better than others, but each has it's own memories. Finishing is the main goal.

Welcome to the thread Billy Bee.
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3.1 this morning. Positive splits, but my first run with sub-9m pace in a long time. Slowly coming back!
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8 mile recovery run (well, it started out as a recovery run but we were both feeling pretty good around mile 6 and decided to make a little race of it... which I lost... meh).


The foot pain has mostly abated. It's still a little tender but otherwise fine. Hope to be back to 100% by the weekend.

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5.4 miles
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