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I hitched a ride with my wife when she went to drop our daughter off at a playdate and I was going to run the 7 mile backroad route home. My goal was to beat my wife who was driving but needed to stop at the grocery store. She still beat me by about 20+ minutes.
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10 miles at a very relaxed pace.

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4.3 miles today.
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Ye olde 8 mile loop.

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7.1 mile tempo run
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I ran 50 miles today ... Its really tiring and hectic but fun also

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Finished the Key West half marathon on Sunday. My third half marathon, but another disappointing finish. My goal was under 2:00 and I finished in around 2:16. I'm not sure why, but I felt like I had no energy and my legs started cramping up near the end, so I had to walk/run the last few miles. My training was going really well and I was able to do longer runs (12+ miles, usually with some hills) without any issues. So I was surprised that I couldn't finish well on a flat course like this. I'm still happy I finished, but I wish I could have hit my goal this time. One of these days I'll get under 2:00...
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What kind of pace did you manage for your long training runs? What was your longest training run? I'm not sure what the conventional wisdom is for halfs, but I like to get in a couple 15-milers before tapering.
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My longer runs (I'll consider that to be anything 10+ miles) I would typically average somewhere between 9:00 and 9:15 per mile. If I ran under 8 or 9 miles, I could get my pace below 9:00. My longest run was 14.2, which was about 2 weeks before the race. Not sure why, but I always seem to have issues on race day that I don't have while I'm training. I never got leg cramps during training, but my thighs started cramping really badly towards the end of the race.

At the beginning of the race, I was stuck in a pack of people and had to zig-zag my way around slower runners. I finished the first mile in 9:45, which I thiught was slow, but once I got used to that pace I wasn't able to speed back up, and I just got slower as the race went on.

Maybe I walked around Key West too much the day before? I probably put in about three miles of slow walking around the city on Saturday.
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In my experience (which seems like it might be more relatable for you than for the fast guys here), I would want to be able run 14 or 15 miles at 9'25"-9'30" if I wanted to race a half at 9'00"-9'05". During that same training cycle, I would be shooting for 8'30" for shorter, non-recovery miles. Another factor to consider is your total weekly mileage. Again, in my experience, I need to run at least 30 miles/week for solid half performance.

Hope that helps.
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The weekly miles may have been an issue, I was only running 3x per week, and I think the most miles I logged in any week was somewhere around 28, with all the other weeks being slightly less than that.
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After being a bit under the weather for a while, I'm back to (almost) normal...


I ran 6.25 on Monday, 7.25 on Tuesday and 6.25 yesterday. My long run on Saturday is going to be my first 20-miler of the year... :)

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Nice week Fueco. 


A slightly hungover 8 miles for me today. One of those days when it helps to have a running partner as I'd have otherwise skipped it.


Felt pretty good until the final push where I had to slow up to avoid puking.

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6.7 miles tonite w/ hills. 1200+ ft gain, no loss.
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Originally Posted by wingin' it View Post

6.7 miles tonite w/ hills. 1200+ ft gain, no loss.

Uphill both ways? wink.gif
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