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Got in 4 miles today after taking yesterday off.  Started doing 100 body weight squats and I probably should have eased into 100.  My legs were in pain for 3 days after the first try.

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My plans to run this morning were derailed when the plumber working on our remodel informed me that the drains would be disconnected by the time I got back home to shower. Maybe I can sneak in a lunch run...
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14 rainy and muddy trail miles this morning. Had a couple near falls but managed to stay on my feet (and finally got to take my new rain jacket for a test drive).


Lots of runners out training for the Sean O'Brian ultra really helped it feel less lonely out there today.

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16.5 flat miles today. Good times!
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3 miles on the treadmill.  Will get out tomorrow on the trails.

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3.1 miles yesterday on T-mill, 3.5 miles today in a snowshoe race (long 5k). Was negative 1 at start but a pretty good time. Had good clothing for weather.
Tough age group (40-49), I took 5th place overall, but 3rd in AG. First snowshoe race.
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Originally Posted by wingin' it View Post

Dances w/ Dirt - Green Swamp edition is for you.

That looks awesome...don't know if I'm quite hardcore enough for something like that yet, haha. I would need to do a lot more training on off-road trails. The tail I run on that's near my house now is paved the whole way.

Did a nice 6.5 miles this morning with hill repeats. First time doing hills consistently like that, but I felt really good and still managed to finish my run under 9 min per mile.
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Got in 5.6 miles today at ~9:00min/mi pace and my leg felt great.  

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9.4! Did the race this morning, running for a mile then walking for a minute. The last mile was hard, but it worked surprisingly well. Finished with a 10-ish overall pace.

This bodes well for getting back on track with my training.
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7.2 very snowy miles this morning. We had got a few inches of powdery snow on Friday and then 3+" more of heavier stuff overnight and this morning and it was still coming down a bit for most of my run. It was absolutely quiet and peaceful out when I started out around 5:00 a.m. I ran to the campus of a large local private school and it looked like I was the first person to hit most of those trails.

I came home and finished up with about 30 minutes of cross training with my least-favorite piece of winter exercise gear.
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Don't you snow runners worry about twisting your ankle on obscured objects?
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When it's snow I stick to routes that I know very well. I've learned to run in the street instead of on sidewalks where I am more likely to trip on a raised piece of sidewalk or hidden newspaper, tree limb, etc. The biggest danger on the roads is new but hidden potholes (a very real danger Michigan winters) or a big chunk of frozen snow/ice that can feel as hard as a rock when you kick it. I run early enough in the mornings that I don't see many cars so I'll often run right in the middle of the road where obstacles are minimal. Those big frozen chunks of snow/ice are the worst things I usually come across.

When I get into the woods or on a trail, even if it's one that is usually pretty clear of obstacles, I slow waaaaaaaaay down, especially once the snow gets to be about 4" or more. Today for instance I was running about 11 minute miles where my normal pace that time of day is closer to about 8:25 minute miles.
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Decided to measure my 8 mile loop today and turns out to be a bit over 8.5 miles. 


Pushed the pace today and finished in 1:05 (just under 8:00/mile and almost 1:00/mile faster than my usual)

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5.7 miles today
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I ran 8 miles but I was knackered for the last mile so i slowed the pace down :(

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