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I think its more of the group encouragement that helps, if you see others running and you fall behind you push to keep up; also, if your in a group you dont have to think about pace as much and you can concentrate on the run/breathing more
That's what i think, I feel if i run with a friend that is better than I am I strive hard to push myself and end up shaving time down on my runs
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after a week of not running, I'm easing back into it:

Sunday: 5.3 in 46:00
Tuesday: 4.0 in 34:32
Today: 4.0 in 30:34.

Today I worked on shortening my stride and bringing my footstrike under me rather than in front of me. It seemed easier once I got to leaning forward. Not quite POSE, but we'll see how it works in the long run.
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Going for a run in a couple hours, excited but my legs are kind of sore from sprints...
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Sun 8.1 Mon 7 Tue 7 Wed 7 but landed on ankle funny, pain Thurs - taking day off to let ankle heal - strange morning without it
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Originally Posted by KimboIsLegit View Post

I've also noticed I can maintain 7 min per mile when in a running group without even feeling tired or out of breath, but it's very difficult when alone. Any tips on that?

I find the opposite. When I'm on my own I can concentrate on my stride. When I'm with others I tend to shoot the shit more.
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4.5 in just under 50 minutes. good to be running after a week off. last thursday i felt a pop in my upper leg while running so i figure i'd take it easy.

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Yesterday, 6 miles along the LI Sound in Westchester and the Bronx:

Today 9.7 back home in olde Yellowhook, Brooklyn.

Had a sub 7 minute per mile average on both...
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None today. Tomorrow a jog and then . . . NYC Half Marathon on Sunday. Should be hot and muggy. Aces.
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About 2.5. Quite a feat considering I despise running.
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I was running late (har har) and went with just 2 2/3 miles. Concentrating on my stride is foremost for me.
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This week 2 miles x 5 days
Next week 3 miles x 5 days
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Originally Posted by hard_times View Post
This week 2 miles x 5 days
Next week 3 miles x 5 days

I know its only 5 miles, but you really shouldn't increase mileage by more than 10% - 15% per'll wind up hurting yourself...
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7mi. On a hurt ankle. Stupid. But need the serotonin.

Passed a fat chick riding a bike
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3 mi in 26:30, started out too fast but I still finished.
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I've done 70 minutes on my bike with runkeeper, and the battery % went down about 24%. I ran 3.5 miles the other day w/o any music or iPhone and it was kinda nice not having that junk. The iPhone can get rather miserable feeling with my shitty Belkin armband. The audio cues of Runkeeper pro are nice though. Shrug.
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