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4.5 miles today.

Garmin 610 for me. No phone unless I need a pic or going deep into a trail run w/ very few people around.

Not a treadmill guy, but have one and use it more than I'd like. Too much snow, lack of shoulder and plowed road, darkness, and the main road is a highway that is 55 mph adds up me on treadmill Mon-Thurs. I get out early enough on Fri - Sun to hit a trail or another section of road. The incline trainer, 10 inch tablet, I-fit courses, and varying things help keep it interesting. I am waiting for daylight savings to end and get back to spring.
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7.7 miles for me tonight
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Friday rest day!  I like running outside and similar to Fueco, I run without a watch a lot more these days.  Each trail loop has a distance and I just remember what I ran.  When I do use a watch I have a Garmin 305 which is nice but a little bulky.  May switch to a Suunto Ambit at some point.


As for treadmill vs. outside, I love running outside but currently am stuck on a treadmill due to my knee.  It is slightly hilly where I'm at and anything with a downhill slope hurts.

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7 miles this morning, felt great and finished under 9 minute per mile pace, which is good for me at that distance.

I pretty much always have my phone with me and use the RunKeeper app, which I've been happy with for the most part. I almost always run outside, I might use a treadmill on maybe 0.1% of my runs.
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4.6 miles today.
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8.4 miles today. 25 degrees, nicely packed snowy trail run, 8:20 ave pace. Nice run, decent weather, good to get outside.
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13.1 miles this morning.
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I got in 6 treadmill miles with 4 of those miles varying incline and decline to see how my knee would react.  My knee did not hurt a bit and afterward I did not now normal weight routine.  I have a lot of days off over the next couple of weeks and am debating trying out the trail again after 3 weeks.  


Anyone have any 2014 goals?  Mine are:


1.  Volunteer at Georgia Death Race.  This gets me a free future race since I can't run it this year.

2.  StumpJump 50K again or Barkley's Fall Classic ~50K

3.  Explore the Appalachian Trail in eastern Tennessee a bit.


It really depends on my knee.  I love the trails so maybe I will try shorter who knows.

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