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Like, a shirt? smile.gif

Shirts suck! I've been wearing tanks and now I actually need to start wearing shirts with sleeves, and a headband to keep my ears warm
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2.4 "miles" on the elliptical and then a mile accelerating from 8'30" to 7'45" on the treadmill.
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1-2 miles this morning then am joining my old running group for 4.5 miles on the trail this evening.  Feeling better with my knee after foam rolling in the morning and the evening.  Hopefully this weekend I can get something like 10 miles in with no pain.

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A tempo 6.66k this morning. Looking forward to next week when I'll be able to run those great hills in Barcelona...

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7 miles this morning. Had a little adventure running through some sprinklers on at full blast down one of my usual routes.
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I got in a little over 7 miles today and saw some sprinklers on in the 23* weather.  

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3 miles at the gym on the treadmill yesterday evening.

Regarding running with others - 99.999999% of the time I would rather be running alone but once a month or so I will meet up with a group from a local running store and go out with them. I like their group runs because they usually only get 5 or 6 people and they are serious runners so they keep the pace pretty good and will go for at least 6 miles. I live near the fabled Hanson's Running Shops and tried out some of their group runs a few years back and hated it. They can attract 30+ people, the paces are sloooooooow because they are geared toward the slowest of their runners, and they run in some very dense commercial/residential areas so there is a lot of traffic to deal with. It's no fun.

My best friend lives in DC and every time he comes back to Michigan we make sure to go out for a run or two together and he always pushes me really good. If we are running about 10k or less, I struggle to keep up with him, but if I can get him to run any further than that, the situation changes to my favor. We always have a good time.
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I ran 6.2 miles, by myself, this evening... It feels weird to be back in a humid climate near sea level after 8 days in Colorado. :)

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The temperature has suddenly dropped here. It was below freezing this morning, but no wind so my usual 10k was quite pleasant.

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Got in 4.5 miles on the trails today.  Knee wasn't feeling great when I woke up but by the afternoon I felt like I could make an attempt.  I ran fast, bombed the downhills, and marched up the steeper sections.  Surprisingly no issues.  Good day.

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 A slow and not very pleasant 14.5k this morning in wind and snow. A small taste of what it's going to be like for the next few months. Except for this coming week when I'm going to be in Barcelona (oh, yes...).

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3.1 easy miles today.
Took a few days off after the ultra and then caught the flu or something for the last few days. Today was starting to feel better and wanted to get a run in. Easy 5K just to get back into things and see how I felt. No problems, so should be able to ramp things back up. Plan to stay around 25-ish miles and just keep a light base for about a month and then start getting ready for Boston.

I'm now in the upper part of Wisconsin, so we have lots of snow and temps will be very cold. I can train down to around 0 degrees, but once it hits negatives, things are a bit tough to get any good distance in.
The outside training will be snowshoes, X-country skiing, and the treadmill. I've got an incline trainer treadmill that goes to 40 degrees, so plan to get into some good incline training and some strength training too. Not worried about cardio shape, but the long runs will be tough to do or simulate. We'll see how it goes.
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6.8 miles this afternoon as the snow flurries were coming down but it wasn't uncomfortably cold t all.
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Rough 12 miles this morning. My pace was almost 10 seconds slower per mile compared to my 11 mile run last weekend. I'll need to speed it up a bit if I want to hit my goal in my half marathon in January.
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No running today, but I did sign up for the Napa Valley Marathon on March 1st.

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