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wow.. some distances going on here! I put in a standard 4 mile "keep me in shape" run. Nothing stressful, but it feels good to have a fitness level that can knock out multiple miles without any real exertion... keeping the blood pumping. smile.gif
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17.75 miles this morning for the Marine Corps Birthday and my own little Semper Fidelis March.

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3.1 this morning. First run since NYC, and everything is sore. smile.gif
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Got in 11 miles yesterday morning. It was a nice scenic run along the Courtney Campbell Causeway in Tampa, with a bridge right in the middle to help break up the monotony of a long, straight run with no turns.
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4.25 today. Feeling good.
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Maybe 3 miles this morning.  Felt great!

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Got in about 6.3 miles at a 7:58 pace. Central Park was empty this morning, amazing the drop off post marathon.
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6.1 this morning. Starting to get a little chilly at 5am (for FL anyway), might need to start getting some more cold weather running gear.
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Like, a shirt? smile.gif
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Got in 4.6 miles this morning.  Was in the 30s so I had my tights, long sleeve tech T, some gloves, and my buff headband.  Was a little warm towards the end but the only thing I will give up on is my sleeves.  My hands and head get cold quickly.

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Since we're talking about cold-weather gear... Knowing that I would likely walk a good portion of NYC (and remembering how cold I was in shorts and a singlet during the last three miles last year), I planned to wear tights, long-sleeve shirt, the singlet from the charity, and running gloves for the start and later. When we got the wind advisory e-mail late on Saturday, I decided to add a windproof vest between my T and singlet. I also had a knit cap and big gloves over my running hat and gloves for the wait in the start village/corral, but I ended up keeping the knit cap for the whole distance. I never took off the running gloves, and I used the big gloves intermittently throughout, tucking them into the Spibelt when I wasn't wearing them.

tl;dr: It was cold and windy in NYC, and I was happy with the layers I wore.
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Strangely, it has actually been warmer here in Ontario this week than it was at the end of October...


Went out to do hill circuits with my club last night: 5 x 1000 and 3 x 800 (without the steepest part) at the beginning, middle and end, for a total of just under 7.5k. Also ran to and from the venue, so that's another 4.5k+. So 12k altogether. The coach made me run with the fast group because I'm not as fast as I should be, I guess. I hung off the back most of the time but I made it. And hills. Did I mention the hills? They hurt. Will be doing this session every week (when I'm here) from now on.

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I need to find people to run with.
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

I need to find people to run with.


IME, other people, and especially a club with some structured runs / coaching, are essential to running harder than you think you can and getting fitter and faster.

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Agreed. I get a lot out of running with my much faster friend, but that's an infrequent occurrence.
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