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Nice avvy, Fueco!
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I have been resting my knee and doing some cross training of yard work and playing with the dogs.  I signed up for another race 3 days after the last 50K (why oh why did I sign up???) but it isn't until March so I have time.  Just a little overuse I think and nothing serious as massage and stretching feel great.



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4.1 easy miles this am and 4.9 mile tempo run this evening.
Hah, won't be last time either. Ultra's get addictive with the trails, course, destinations, and atmosphere.
Next you'll be thinking "I could do a 50M" and it all just goes downhill from there.



Truer words about ultras could not be spoken... I swore after suffering through my last two long distance cycling events that I was going to take some time off from the ultra scene, to train for fun, and to rework myself into a running and cycling machine. What's the first thing I think about at the finish? "What's next?", of course!


I still haven't signed up for anything, but am pondering which 100k or 100 miler to sign up for next year. It will need to be late season, since I haven't been running all that much since my 140.6 triathlon in August. My goal remains to qualify for the Western States lottery.


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Nice avvy, Fueco!



You know it!

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4.6 miles this am and 5.7 miles this afternoon.
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6.25 hilly miles on my favorite trails, including 1.5 at tempo pace (~7:55/mile).
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5.5 miles this morning. The weather at 5:30am is finally starting to cool down making for much better runs
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Roughly 11.6 trail miles this morning. There are very few things better in life than being in a groove on technical single track w/ music matching the footsteps.
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1 mile on the dreadmill (plus an hour on the elliptical). Just over one week 'til NYC. I've decided that I'm going to dress warmly, run as much as I can, walk the rest, and enjoy the sights.
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9.35 this morning with some more hills
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Originally Posted by wingin' it View Post

... atmosphere...

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26.2 in the Marine Corps Maathon today in 3:50:14. I missed a PR by about 17 minutes but I wasn't really expecting to get one today so no big deal. As lomg as I finish sub 4 hours, I'm happy. Oddly though, I did get a half marathon PR by more than 2 minutes through the first half of the run. Maybe I need to get serious about working on my pacing before my next full? lol

Maybe I'm biased but I will also say that the MCM has the Air Force Marathon soundly beat when it comes to pomp and pagentry:

(It was also nice to see the Ospreys actually in the air instead of crashed in somebody's backyard in Jacksonville, NC)
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They used the Osprey for the president when he was in San Francisco. I took this as a sign that they don't crash anymore.
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I finally got my Garmin 910XT uploading data properly. So now I can post runs to Strava, finally...

Here's my 8.5 mile run from today. I ran from home out along my favorite trails. Total time was 1:17:31 (9:07 pace).


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Still taking some time off to help rehab my "runner's knee" which flares up slightly but wanted to heal it before running again.  Just doing spin bike and stretches which are helping.  Having a weak quad/thigh area leads to this so I may have to start hitting the gym for some light weights. 

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5.4 miles on Sunday. 9.5 miles Monday.
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