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Ran the SI half on Sunday in 1:25:28 - second half was much slower than the first and I had stomach issues from about mile 5 on.

SB - As for NY - just feed off the energy - it's done wonders in pushing me along in the past.
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Thanks for the encouragement, fellas. My concern is that last year didn't go so well, and this year's training has been worse. I haven't been able to get to 20 miles, and now I'm into my taper. Debating whether to try again for 20 this weekend or just stick with the taper.
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you aren't the only one suffering of late, SB. I've been having ankle problems as a result of slipping and turning my ankle at work (yes, leather-soled shoes), and it just doesn't seem to be getting much better. I ran 10k on Saturday and I am supposed to start going out training with my club tonight... I think it's ligament damage.
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Five miles just before sunset yesterday. Hopefully we're in the last warm spell of fall. I'm ready for colder weather!!

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Sorry to hear that, Monkey.

The return of Fueco! I second your call for the return of "real" Bay Area weather. If I wanted this balmy stuff, I'd live in SoCal.
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Sorry to hear that, Monkey.

The return of Fueco! I second your call for the return of "real" Bay Area weather. If I wanted this balmy stuff, I'd live in SoCal.



Yeah.. The return. ;)


I've been mostly cycling lately since I had a race last weekend. I'm back into off-season training mode now, so lots of cycling and running.

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So, my damage-limitation strategy is to substitute elliptical for runs, probably running my short and long runs each week until the race. I did an hour on the machine yesterday, and I found that while the motion isn't quite the same, it seems to hit most of the right muscles, and for the same heart rate, it was actually a bit more tiring than running.
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3 miles for me on the treadmill today.

I've subbed out shorter runs for time on the elliptical before and I don't think it's a bad thing. I don't know that I've used the elliptical to sub for anything longer than about 5 miles though.

The talk of turned ankles and injuries makes me think of one of my biggest marathon or half marathon fears: Twisting my ankle crossing the timing strip at the start line of a long race. That would just suck.
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I didn't run this morning due to restless sleep last night.  May try to get out this evening but don't know.  The rain has made skipping runs easy.

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Today, my physical therapist suggested to start with some mild running, after almost two months of not running! This Sunday I'm doing 2 minutes of running, then 2 minutes of walking; 4 times in total.

All the best to my fellow-injur... erm ...ees? smile.gif
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I forced myself to go out to do an hour of speed work and hill intervals with my local club this evening because the only way to shake off lethargy is to get out there and do the things you're thinking that you should be doing. And actually, although it was hard work and I ache, it was really good too. My ankle doesn't hurt at all when I run, only when I move it around when I am sitting or lying down...
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About the same for my heel...
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Trying something new this week, morning and evening to get some mileage up. 3.4 this am and 5.4 miles this evening. Working later and getting darker sooner so see how this works. May run an 8 hour event in Nov. As much as you can complete in 8 hours of trail loops.

SB - if you are in a 2 week taper, don't hit a long 20 mile run. You are either fit and tapering or not. Nothing you will do in the last 2 weeks will get you "more fit" or ready for NYC. Stay loose, stretch, eat right, and taper to get ready to have a great time or a great race or both.
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The race is on 11/2, so this is the first of a three-week taper. I think you're right, though. My intuition is to favor letting my heel get better and maintain whatever fitness I have. But I'm obviously fretting about it.
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8.6 miles this morning.  Having some slight knee pain that goes in and out.  Very odd to run, then sharp pain, then nothing.  

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