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I was addicted to the elliptical when trying to overcome the stages of  grief after a tough point in life.  I would get on that thing and just hammer for an hour.  I agree that the sweat piles up even with a fan.

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For me it's the step machine. I can get on that thing for 10 minutes or 100 minutes and will be nothing but a puddle of disgusting stinky sweat when I am finished. I usually feel sorry for people who get on the one next to me.
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4 miles this morning. I had a late meeting last night, scarfed a triple bacon pretzel burger from Wendy's at 10pm, then woke up at 5am and had my fastest run in months. Felt great! Maybe I need to do this more often...
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8.6 miles tonite
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At 5 a.m., the temperature was 33 degrees, and I ran 6 miles. If I lived in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I could say "runnin' in da moonlight. You betcha!" Gorgeous moon! I really wanted to run more.
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5.6 miles yesterday
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5 miles Friday morning at 8:26 per mile, 2nd fastest run ever for me at that distance, at least according to RunKeeper.
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7.6 miles this am
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Saturday morning, the temperature was 29 degrees. 5 miles. A wool cap and gloves provided all the extra warmth I needed.
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Got in 6 miles this afternoon then had 4.5 miles Thursday night.  

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16.4 that was supposed to be 20. This training cycle has been kinda heartbreaking. I am coming to grips with the reality that finishing NYC strongly is no longer the target. Simply finishing has become the goal.
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Sorry to hear SB.  Maybe race day will surprise you when you have all those people around you.

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8.4 this morning. It was supposed to be 8 but I must have miscalculated my route and I ended up doing a little more by the time I got home.
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9.8 yesterday in a very crisp but gorgeous morning.
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I'm working around some heel pain, hoping to maintain fitness to get to NYC and do okay. So, yesterday the elliptical using heart rate to approximate warming up for three miles then 3x1200 at 5K pace. I was astounded by the volume of sweat I produced. It was like I'd stepped out of a bath.

This is so true. I don't use the elliptical often but when I do I sweat like a mofo which is unusual on its own. Today however, was an absolutely perfect afternoon and I did about 4.5 miles in my new Asics. Felt great all around!
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