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Congratulations, jb! Quite an accomplishment.

18 for me yesterday, and I have a 12k coming up in three hours today.
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12k went better than expected. I thought I'd be doing well to maintain my marathon race pace. The first couple of miles were a bit challenging after yesterday's 18, but I was able to hit the hill at Fort Mason pretty hard, both up and down. Felt good after 4, so I figured I'd push a little bit, and ended up with negative splits for the rest of the race. Not a PR or anything, but very satisfying in context.
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4.5 on Friday and 7 this morning. I've been working on running hills more often so I'm definitely starting to see improvements pretty quickly.
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10.6 miles today.
Congrats JB on the 50K finish and breaking 6 hrs. It's tough not to do another one. They are all different, challenging, and fulfilling.
WTG SB. 12K is an odd distance but a pretty good race after 18 miles the day before.
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It is an odd distance, but there are at least four races here in SF at that distance: Bay To Breakers, Bridge To Bridge, and the two Angel Island races. I guess we have to be different... smile.gif
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Beatle - Hill training makes flat land fun since you can go faster!


SB - Negative splits are always a good boost in  race or training.  Something about being able to push harder on the 2nd half is reassuring.

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JB - Congrats on the 50k finish! The first time I attempted a 50k my buddy and I quit halfway through out of boredom and went to the bar. The second time I tried one I wanted to quit out of boredom again but toughed it out and went off course for a few miles to mix things up (it was a very informal 50k). My third 50k was where I was finally able to finish without considering dropping out. It took audiobooks to make it tolerable. I think if I ever run another one, it will have to be somewhere entirely new to me so that at least the route is novel and interesting.

I did 10 miles on Saturday morning in a steady rain, but besides not wearing a shell, it was pretty pleasant. I got in another 6.8 miles this morning.
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Ran Gretes Great Gallop in CP yesterday (half marathon) in 1:21:11. No pr but am pleased with the effort on a hilly course.
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5.4 miles today
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5.8 miles this morning.

When I put on my running shorts this morning O felt a big lump in one of the pockets and realized I sent them through the washer and dryer with an unopened GU packet. Thankfully it survived the journey... I can only imagine the mess that might have made in the dryer if it had busted open. #RunnerProblems?
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Run in this monsoon outside?  No thanks!  I am going to get out tomorrow or maybe this evening to see how the legs feel at pace.

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Love running in the rain. Of course, we'd have to get some rain in order to do this...
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I've recently begun to suffer from shin splints and wow, I miss running really bad. 

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I'm working around some heel pain, hoping to maintain fitness to get to NYC and do okay. So, yesterday the elliptical using heart rate to approximate warming up for three miles then 3x1200 at 5K pace. I was astounded by the volume of sweat I produced. It was like I'd stepped out of a bath.
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